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You…Who Are Free

By September 23, 2019September 21st, 2022No Comments

You who are free in this very moment are never defined by who you were. You have the choice in every moment to be who you FEEL you truly resonate with.

If you do not match with your current experience you will know it because everything feels off. Take that as a gift, that in every moment you have an opportunity to move into a new energy that embodies the grace of your soul essence.

Allow yourself the permission to move from the inside out. To move and live from inspired and invigorated action in the NOW. Allow yourself to see – that which is planned in fear can never take you to where you want to be. It is the root of pain and delusion.

You were born to live your true purpose and path.

• What is your Why?

• What is your Purpose?

• What are you devoted to?

I encourage your spirit to fly free in the space that you know you want to vibrate in. If you can envision your IDEAL space… your Soul is destined to create it.

Dance in your brilliance.

Don’t worry about others.

Honor your own Soul.

Your alignment and truth is the purpose of your path.

Fly Free ~

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