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Your New Reality Is Happening NOW

By May 5, 2022October 5th, 2022No Comments

The Quantum Field of your Soul Manifestation is happening NOW!

This is what is so exciting about the field of resonance that we all have access to LIVE and BREATHE in THIS moment.

This is what excites me the most about creating new realities…it is SO FUN to play, experiment, explore, expand and learn to dance in ever new ways with the realm of what can be actualized through full presence in this Quantum Now Field.

It becomes an ⚡️ELECTRIC⚡️ playground of Frequency Awareness and Choice. Where you tune yourself in each moment within your being dictates EXACTLY what you create.

It takes a great deal of inner vigilance upon where you place your attention to break your attention away from the false identities which will only ever attempt to pull you down into the realities which are not your Highest Vision.

To succeed and win at your Soul Manifestations in the Quantum Field (not through linear time), you must fully bring the entire focus of all your Power into your Highest Vision NOW without leaking any of your precious Power into doubt, fear or insecurity. Those lower vibrations and illusions will continue to disappear as you empower the Truth of your Highest Embodiment.

This is an Inner Alchemy which will change the entirety of your trajectory and life if you devote yourself fully to your Inner & Outer mastery.

I invite you to focus on your Inner & Outer Alchemy in Master Manifestation Magick. Alchemy is the main focus for real transformation to take root and for you to rise to new potentials within your life.

To become a student and learn The Art of Manifestation Mastery, enroll in The Serpent Magick Academy of Master Manifestation Magick.