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10. Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune has colored ribbon that appears chaotic at first glance. But if you look from a broader space, you can see this wild web is weaved within a greater harmony. A rainbow colored stream of ribboned light and branches are holding The Wheel in perfect balance. Perched atop a branch is an owl peering at the card holder. She is a reminder of your own awareness, being able to see in the day and night. The wise owl sits perched within the unknown realm of the dark night and new moon. The sun beams at the bottom of the card symbolize the necessary aspects of light and dark, and the inevitable turning of the great wheel.

The owl sees and feels all of life in the mystery and royalty of night. She trusts, flying through the darkness, knowing how to navigate through all her senses. The dark of the unknown is a step into the vastness of where you have not traveled before. When you move in light, you create more of what is in alignment. The darkness present must exist in order to create contrast. This contrast shows us the energies you want to move away from and guides you towards what you really want. The owl sees all the unfolding in physical reality and also feels the subtle energies, allowing and accepting the dance of life from a neutral space. This zero point is the space that can be trusted beyond the waves of ebb and flow. When you abide at zero point, what is false leaves your field.

The owl is unaffected by the turning of the wheel. She is present with each new phase as it comes. She knows that what occurs is necessary for soul growth. Connect the miraculous dots of your life and see how far you have come to be where you are now. You can see how the changes you have experienced have removed layers of illusions and false identities. All your experiences are only for the greater good, leaving you with the naturalness of your spirit. The expressions of darkness and light that play out in your life are not higher or lower than each other, but equally imperative to your evolution in this human form. As you see the higher forces at work, you will see how your authentic expression brings exactly what you need to move as pure light.

When the wheel turns, loss and gain are both experienced. But what is lost will raise you to higher realms and what is gained will do the same. You become lighter with each turn of the wheel. As you discover your indestructible and infinite nature in this magnificent space, you will realize that all of life is unfolding in divine perfection. The Wheel of Fortune is showing you that you can trust the turning of the wheel.

As you bloom in trust, the whole universe opens to embrace you. And no matter which way the wheel turns, your awareness abides in the nectar of your honey filled crystalline heart.

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