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Two of Wands

Two of Wands is the action of claiming dominion. Your actions are aligned with your words, therefore, you grow from the initial idea of the Ace of Wands. In Two of Wands energy, you are moving with a steady momentum toward your deepest visions. You are actively watering the seeds each day. Your inner guide knows the path that you are on could only take root once you step fully inside your heart and believe that you can accomplish this vision. There is a sustainable energy present. Your embodied Truth is what guides you. Two of Wands is a deep exploration, bringing you into full creative power. This will expand you as you are continuing this work. This creative vision will stretch you beyond the limits of yourself, which inspires others to embark on what their soul desires. The Divine is able to move through you as a clear channel, affecting many beings through your vessel.

The clearer a conduit you are, the greater Spirit moves through you.

As you expand through your meditation, studies, travel, work, and creative endeavours, you will share your discoveries as you continue to learn. Now is the time to claim your dominion fully and build the empire that you envision. Know that you are fully capable. All the energies are here supporting you and doorways will continue to blast open as you are beaming confidently on your path. Synchronicity is Everywhere. You look, tune in, and are receptive. New energies are flowing in to expand and amplify what you are consciously creating. This will push you to an even deeper compatibility and connection with the visions you are currently manifesting.

As you do not entertain lesser energies, your vision is now opening to a much larger portal than you previously knew was possible. Your work becomes the work of all the brothers and sisters of the world, and extends far and wide to inspire many souls. The Two of Wands says you are outgrowing yourself quickly and life is rearranging itself for your highest expansion.

You have stepped into Magick. This is your real work.

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