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Two of Swords

Two swords cross below the moon that is eclipsing the sun. The light is still showing around the ring of the moon. It is a small expansion of light. There is a decision to be made and there has been a delay in this decision. Two of Swords indicates you may not have all the information you need to make the right choice. Allow the energies to unfold, gathering information moment to moment. You will be able to make a decision with careful thought and honest intention, restoring the energies to balance. Your approach at this time is to see the situation as it is, rather than seeing what you would prefer to see. You must lay all the cards out on the table in order to make the best decision.

If you can take a neutral energetic view from the situation, this will address a broader view of the current experience. You will find a better way to navigate. The information will come in divine timing. Any restlessness felt is asking you to release this dissonant energy. This allows clear information and visions to enter your crown and give birth inside your heart. Although the moon is eclipsing the sun’s light, there is still light shining through, indicating information is present to begin evaluating your heart’s compass.

With an open heart and pure intentions, you will not be led astray. As more pieces to the puzzle are revealed, you will have the option to choose and navigate according to the new insight received. As you are learning and growing every moment, you continue to open and receive illumination and grace on your path. If you come to a standstill for the best action to take, rest and take pause. Feel your inner temple. As you sit within and meditate, be open to the new worlds you are ready to see. With clear intention, complete clarity can be recognized when you sit to observe from the light of your being. Become intimate with this infinite space and know that guidance is always present within. This is when you will feel the answer arise from your heart. Connect to your inner temple. The guidance awaits.

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