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Two of Pentacles

The Pentacles suit is of earth energy and your personal connection with spirit and material abundance. How are you bringing your gifts to full embodiment on this earthly plane? Two of Pentacles is a reminder to check in with practical aspects of your life, and bring balance and change where needed. Practical matters are a necessary and valuable part of your experience that you must learn to navigate. As you address what aspects of the material realm you have trouble with, you open new doors and possibilities. The Two of Pentacles card is a reminder to not neglect or forget the magickal or practical aspects of life, as you contain the whole within. If you fragment or deny any area of yourself, you cut off parts which suffer and become dis-harmonic. Can you trust what resonates in your heart and bring your gifts into the world? What actions must be taken to bring your soul work into physical reality? Two of Pentacles invites a balance of many aspects of your being in order to bring forth what magick is felt internally, through practical and daily work.

As you journey the earth and spirit realms, you are uncovering more depth and beauty within. Learn what needs to be cultivated and where your work and attention must be placed. The parts that are forgotten or ignored, you rediscover and begin to cultivate with your daily attention and energy. For many soul journeyers, the material realm can appear to be challenging. This can shift right now by taking full accountability for every creation. Bring your insight, wisdom, and valuable experiences to this plane. It is through the earthly matters, once rooted, that will expand you into higher planes of existence. If you feel an abundance of life flowing inside, but do not know how to translate that in the earth realm, then what beauty desires to be shared remains unmanifest. As you devote yourself to practicality, movement, and action in order to assist your gifts, visions, dreams, and aspirations, you will watch them come to life.

It is truly magickal when you see the physical fruits of what was felt within your being come into the world-because the material world is the spiritual world.

There is an opportunity to connect and acknowledge steps that can be taken daily to support your growth and blooming visions. Take time to be in nature and connect with yourself and the earth, to inspire new ways of moving that invite change, inspiration, balance, and grounded direction. As you come to unity within your being, your movements are light as you move in soul aligned action. As you continue building this trust and connection within your self, you will gain more confidence to move in the direction that comes from direct inspiration. You merge guided inner knowing and action.

Your visions and dreams are the fire from within that must be tended to in order to keep the flame hot. As you acknowledge any imbalances, you bring a great internal space that naturally rebalances all energy within and around you. Your spirit wishes to embody itself on this plane, and by honoring your Spirit, you honor the earth. Take actions that are inspired by Truth. Let the fire blaze from your inner vision, and trust your natural attractions, which are lessons continuously unfolding. All experiences and people you come across are all guiding and assisting your journey. Contemplate and connect the dots. Where you find yourself is divine perfection. As you feel and connect with all elements you can see that nothing is to be left out. Practical matters are part of the magick, as much as anything else contained within the whole. All these energies are facilitating the birth of what wishes to exist in this realm.

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