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Two of Cups

Two white chalices contrast against a black background with two red roses, which cross one another. The Two of Cups is not as potent a card as The Lovers, however, it has infinite potential to go in that direction if both beings are willing to embark upon the depth of this journey. Two of Cups can indicate all relationships- not only a union between two lovers. It can indicate a relationship with self and all of life, work, goals, creativity, friendships, and any aspect in life that one is presently developing a relationship with. The cups are white, indicating purity and innocence. The dark background indicates that many subconscious layers have been faced in order to reveal the purity and innocence of the white chalices. Roses vibrate at the highest energetic frequency of any flower on earth, reminding you that within the fullest energetic capacity of your being, you can share this beauty experienced within all relationships.

Your relationships will always reflect your internal state. If you are moving in accordance with your unique path, you will be in a strong union with all relationships in your life. The potential for this alignment is always present. When you move with fear, selfishness, greed, or lower vibrational alignment, your relationships will reflect this. You can choose to move through these states if you are willing, honest, and transparent.

Relationship with Self: As we continue our journey we have the beautiful gift of discovering ourselves and living in accordance with Spirit. As your relationship deepens, you will see the relationships around you that is showing your own capacity of connection within yourself. As you become aligned with your unique spirit your relationships will be in accordance with this luminous vibration. People will come in and out of our lives as we are individually changing and growing. Long term deep relationships will continue to enrich, inspire, and support our journey. Relationships will come together and fall away in natural ways as we are all on unique paths learning specific lessons for our souls purpose and expression.

The more you nourish yourself from within, you will be an emitter of energy instead of one who is only receiving or trying to draw in energy from others and the environment. As you feel full internally this will extend outward with our work, creativity, love relationships, and friendships. Two of Cups invites the cultivation of compassion and gentleness with all of life. As the compassion and love deepens for yourself it will naturally extend to others and your whole world will bloom fields of pink and purple roses.

Love Relationship: Represented by the Two of Cups, there is an inspiring relationship that is fulfilling, healing, illuminating, and full of sensual deep love and decadence. Each partner is coming together with the intent to walk their individual paths. Spirit guides them as they love and support each other. The lovers see that if they are each fulfilling their purpose and expression, their bond can raise each other to higher planes. Where the Lovers Card is more likely to be a longterm partnership, the Two of Cups has less strength. The strength The Lovers card has is possible, if the match is aligned with total unity of individual and shared soul-work.

The Two of Cups indicates that both individuals have the power to walk through the fire. This may or may not happen within the Two of Cups partnership. All the inner work that has been experienced by these two souls has been testing both, and their challenges have been successfully overcome. There is tremendous inner work that has united these two for each to expand tremendously. Whether for now or for long-term, this experience has been invaluable. Each relationship contributes to your soul’s unfolding. Consciousness does not waste anything. Learning and taking in each being and experience with deep gratitude is what elevates your being to a higher relationship. Whether the relationship continues, or shifts forms, it has changed each soul to discover a deeper depth of self.

Creative and Work Relationships: What is your relationship with work and creation? The more you know and honor yourself, the more you will stop leaking energy to that which doesn’t serve your sacred Spirit. You will stop working at jobs that drain your energy, and you will start working and creating with what is purposeful and meaningful. The Two of Cups is a reminder that if you are working and creating in a way that is not in alignment, you must create space everyday to work in the direction you want to see expand. When you create space for what is in alignment for your unique path, you naturally invite in supportive energies. Perhaps you won’t leave your job today (or you will, and see the true Magick that immediately unfolds: #theboldmove), but if you put an hour aside a day towards what you love, this energy will expand exponentially until it fills every moment of your entire life- Trust me on this.

Two of Cups asks if you are nurturing your soul-work and creativity. There is always a way to nurture your work and creativity. Each day, you can focus on your work, even for 5 minutes. As you do this, you will see how this expands and takes over your life. The more attention you place there, the more it grows. You will see and feel the fruits that come from your energetic attention placed on soul-work. You cannot live the life you want if you keep doing what drains, depresses, and kills your Spirit. The moment you decide to go for your dreams, and move according to your will, you will find the universe meets you with exactly what you align with. The only way to know is to be fully with the vibrational match you want. You must live it wholly. Accustom yourself to and abide in the energy you desire to dwell in.

Abide in the presence of your royalty and be met with the crystal castles you feel within.

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