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By August 15, 2020September 21st, 2022No Comments

Become the exact energetic resonance of your Highest Vision within your body. This emanation manifests your new chosen timeline through your inner unity. Rise to your Highest Vision and birth it from within.

Riding on the edge of your current vibration takes you to the end of this octave of experience. To create your new timeline is to come to the edge of this experience and move only in the frequency of your new reality. From this new connection within your body, your natural upward momentum of your vibrational body will Rise higher, opening this portal from within you.

Imagine your inner temple being filled by the fragrances of these new flowers that are unique to only your essence and creation. Feel these flowers as portals opening within you and transmitting directly through each flower within, all the details of your new octave of creation.

Your new octave is flowering from your energetic flowers that are resonating in vibration the creation of your new world by becoming the garden of your soul which each flower within you is an extension of. The magnetic pulse of each flower is the celebration of your new creation. There is no separation or longing for the new, you are illuminating the flowers of frequency from within and the heaven of creation is here through this unity.

Your new dream is now crystallizing entirely through your body, flooding each flower portal within infinite potential within this new octave.

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