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Three of Wands

You have tended to the garden with love, creating a strong foundation and full sovereignty in your life. You possess clear vision, are aligned in action, and moving with positive forward momentum. You are a polished mirror of inner to outer manifestation, As Above, So Below. The loving investment of energy into your inner temple, work, relationships, and creative visions have been cultivated. They can now be expanded upon. The path is clear, with full conviction that the way is being paved in divine harmony. The daily work must continue for the blossoms to fully bloom. The love underlying the movement is purely Spirit that is taking on its own life through you.

Three of Wands is a reflection to continue the way of the heart, to trust in fullness of what is present, and what is to come. Moving in this way allows your pure visions to manifest quickly and in the timeline you choose. High momentum of etheric energy is whirling with grounded stability. A solid foundation is being created that is not one of solely material foundations. This foundation is built from Spirit, and manifests into the physical- a bridge between spirit and matter.

As you honor and act upon your natural flowing guidance, flowering within, you expand into a higher dimension as your old world collapses. You are a divine creator, with visions and dreams you are responsible to bring forth. You become weak and leak energy outside of you if you choose to hide away from your deep soul callings. As energetic momentum in physical action has been lovingly invested in your aspirations, you give shape to new worlds that only you can intimately know.

As you gain strength in your genuine power and intuitive connectedness, you honor each step of creation. In this way you are not swayed by underdeveloped opinions or misguided energies. Listen to what vital visions arise within. Allow this insight, from your own internal navigation, to lead the way. Move from your infinite well of light and draw resources from this vast space of pure energy. Embody strength and gentleness on your journey. When you have a clear connection inside, you will know the way to move, and each step will feel open, expansive, and bright. Always follow the deeper movement of love to guide the way.

Everything is a choice. Only allow good to flow into your experience. This is not a fantastical ideal, but one that you can truly embody. To choose to be inside the essence of oneself will release stagnant energies from your field. The energy in Three of Wands is moving into a new portal of self reliance, creativity, and expansion through daily action. As you give attention to the vibration of being, allow the potency of the inner space to obliterate the insignificant specks of self limiting fears. A natural checking in becomes refined and unravels your highest potentiality. As you reach higher, your attention will only continue to spiral upward and information will come to assist your ascension. Your outer world will continuously reveal the inner temple you are tending to. Continue to stay with your sacred inner temple, and watch the outer temple, in the physical plane, be made in stone.

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