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Three of Swords

Three of Swords has the power to change your life completely. As heart wrenching of a time this may be, it is an honest and transparent look at your current experience. All wondering, guessing, and intuitive inquiring, is now replaced by crystal clarity. While this may be painfully clear, this comes with a great relief of understanding. The card depicts three swords pointing downwards, bound together by a mangled ribbon of blood dripping at the bottom. The background behind the swords is blackened and grim and the outer expanded energy is light. The light of Truth will always reveal itself.

Within this raw and fresh discovery, there is the inner knowing that one has been in touch with this knowledge all along. You have been feeling something rumbling under the waters for a long time. This is now being fully acknowledged. There arises a deeper trust in what has been felt and a stronger and clearer connection empowering your intuitive abilities. The power of intuitive abilities can come and go. They strengthen and weaken depending on your connection with your inner being. As you go through experiences and are able to learn to trust yourself, intuition will become clear and refined. What is presently being revealed in your current experience brings you into the heart of being. What you were feeling to be true, has now been confirmed. As harsh of an experience this may be, immense strength and internal power will rise. You will never be the same and the depth of your character will ascend to places you cannot fathom in this moment.

You will shed your old and worn robes in exchange for your Magick cloak of royalty and etheric splendor.

When avoidance is present in subtle or gross levels, this leaves room for untruths to hide within your experience. Three of Swords is a powerful reminder that when something is felt intuitively, it is important to inquire and acknowledge what is arising immediately. Ignoring the messages your body and internal systems are signalling, is denying aspects of your being that are trying to communicate and warn you. As you allow these messages to fully come through, you honor your Spirit and strengthen your internal guidance system. If you avoid what is arising, you will sever your energetic cords, which in their natural state, work with you in harmony.

The invitation here is to listen deeply and not fall into avoidance of what is revealing itself to you.

As the truth of what has been felt emerges into full understanding, whether it be from yourself, another, or your environment, you may feel you knew all along the facts before they were revealed. This proves to you that your intuition has been correct. It is your responsibility to trust your inner guidance above all outside influence. Use your discernment. Despite the pain you feel from this experience, there is also relief for knowing the truth. Hold yourself in loving space. As you feel the pain and allow it to be seen and acknowledged, you will begin to heal and not store the experience as trauma. Now is the time to be with and honor your pain as you begin healing. Each one of us processes, feels, and heals in different ways. Listen to your intuition and bring gentle compassion to your heart. Be with the presence of your own being and let your inner light heal this experience.

Painful experiences give you the opportunity to push you in ways that break down old cycles and old selves that are ready to die. In many ways they will strip away illusions and leave you raw, with no where to cling or grasp onto in the physical world. This pain has the opportunity to draw you inside, and teach you to trust more deeply. Learn to fill your cup with the ever present divine light that is here Now. Your experience will assist you to live more deeply from the inside out. Be, give, trust, and love from your highest expression, starting with you first. When what you cling to crumbles, you are left inside with the power of your natural being, to move freely, navigate, love, create, and be in harmony with existence. You now have the opportunity to become more open and vulnerable. Do not deny any aspects of yourself. Dive in fearlessly with that which wishes to be seen, felt, and heard.

Celebrate what leaves your field, for it means a new portal is opening. You will now experience and learn to be in deeper alignment with your heart.

When that which arises is dark, it is not to be shamed. It is to be seen, explored, loved, and accepted. There is no precise guide or map. With the presence of your own being, you encompass the energy of the moon and sun, which holds both aspects of shadow and the light. Your being becomes more integrated, instead of staying on one side or another. There is depth to your being with the willingness to look in any direction. Know you have infinite space to hold all energies that arise. Release avoidance and a deeper trust will emerge within. The humanness and divinity of your being are making friends.

Congratulations for diving into the dark side and coming through to the light. You have crossed the threshold.

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