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Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles speaks to a vision or goal that will come to full completion. The inspiration, excitement, drive, and commitment are all forces within the Three of Pentacles that are supporting the totality of this creative goal or business venture. All skills you have are unique to your vision, when merged with your creative mind, cannot be recreated by another. This creative juice can only flow from you. The work you are focused on is deeply rewarding and you are committed to see your projects through. You are working in a way that you are satisfied with the process of creation. As you feel an absolute yes for what you are working on, you make decisions from this elevated space along the way. If something feels unaligned as you create, it’s important to re-navigate and make an alteration to the course. You want to feel a complete yes, moment to moment, through your creation process. Create and beam in love. The happier and connected you feel with your work, the more inspiration flows effortlessly. Cutting corners, rushing, or trying to complete your goal quickly, will only slow you down and not fulfill your true work. Sometimes slow and steady can be highly effective and efficient. Finish the day completely satisfied with what you are creating.

Doubt is your only adversary. At times in your life you need to question what you are doing, but right now step fully into your creations and blaze your trail. Don’t back down or second guess. Your full heart is present and joyful in this work. If there are any doubts or opposing forces at play, turn that energy around into a creative drive that sees opportunity at every sign of doubt. If there is anyone in your life who doubts or questions what you are doing, allow them their freedom and stay on your soul path, with full fiery heart. Not everyone will understand your path and there is no need to explain yourself to those who are not walking their own. Allow others to speak and express, but stay only with the totality of your heart’s journey. Three of Pentacles says let doubt fall away and stay true to your goal and vision. Be attentive to not get caught up in the end result, and enjoy your present moment experience. Allow your goal or vision to be the full embodiment of how you live your life moment to moment.

Three of Pentacles depicts a mountain with three peaks. Underneath the mountain are three pentacles, mirroring the shape of the mountain peaks. As Above, So Below. What beauty inside you is now being birthed into the world? What is contained within you that you cannot help but manifest now? It is the One dance, inside and outside. Any fears you allow to grow inside will affect your vision, and create a fog over the beauty of your goal. Three of Pentacles encourages you to not fear success or failure, but simply keep following your natural intuition and guidance. Your clear vision, energy investment, and daily momentum towards your goal, will allow this to come to full fruition. Breaking down your vision into smaller steps each day will assist you to complete the project as a whole. Work on what feels in natural alignment for you. When you take this attitude into the project, the stress of completing the whole project will fall away and you will be guided each moment on how to move forward. As long as you are enjoying the process and putting your love in the direction your heart flows, you will be met with the same in return.

Enjoy the process and continue crystallizing your creations.

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