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Three of Cups

Three of Cups is a time for play, enjoyment, and glittering citrine celebration of song. You embody dance, celebrate festivities, devour delicious decadent food, and gather with those who support your soul- work. Three of Cups is an invitation to luxurious self care before reengaging your focus and direction towards the new, abundant, overflowing and juicy, royal adventure ahead. A solid foundation has already formed in spirit and the physical realms. Your actions have united through Spirit to guide you in a positive, creative, and heavenly alignment. Your energy is merged with pure being, the heavens, and earth. Melt into enjoyment and spontaneous fun, while simultaneously resting to replenish your mind, body, and Spirit. Nourish and honor your temple as you flower from within. When you bring rest, nourishment, and play into your daily life, this will fuel the abundant supply of energy needed to continue your creative work. Move solidly forward with full heart and fiery flow. The foundation is already present and the momentum is moving in the correct direction.

Three of Cups invites you to look at what beings you are surrounded by. Are you inspired and led in a positive direction by those around you? Do they rise with you to greater heights? Are you supported, through highs and lows, by the people you choose to allow in your circle? Do they inspire healthy or negative habits in mind, body, and spirit? Do they support your dreams and aspirations, or mock them? Investigate and look at the friends who surround you. Be bold to make new connections that elevate your being. Every detail of your life is constantly shapeshifting, molding, and forming your existence with the energies accepted in your inner and outer field. When you have high standards of the quality of people you choose to surround yourself with, you are aligning with the highest within yourself and you honor your temple fully. How do your friends reflect aspects of yourself that you want to change, and how do they reflect aspects of yourself that empower your strengths?

The attraction that magnetizes two souls together is a portal for discovery, growth, and expansion. If a relationship is not elevating beauty and growth, don’t invest your energy in that relationship. Are there relationships that can be let go of in order for new energies to move in? Or do conversations need to be opened in order for clear communication to move through? A solid and true friend will be willing to open the doors to expand on what is asking for clarity. Three of Cups asks you to align with those that are healthy for you, and who push you in a positive direction. Give your time to those who support your dreams and aspirations, and offer support through all phases of life. Those who honor what you deeply value are also honoring the same values within themselves.

There is a giving and receiving of energy that is fulfilling and authentic with the Three of Cups. Aspects of your being are flowing in unexpected ways. Through communication and everyday movements, there is a maturing unfolding within, which opens new ways that invigorate you to be more expressive internally and in the world. This is assisting in relating with many different people from all walks of life. Opportunities will be presenting themselves at this time. Doors will open and interactions will be on the rise. You are carving a clear path and there will be those who are ready to reach out to you in your line of work, creating fulfilling and abundant collaborations together. Your Intuition is wide awake and can be trusted to continue your work, in solitude or with others. Your confidence and discernment is enough to know if collaborations that arise are right for you or not. Enjoy this period of expansion and play. Allow it to move you in fresh, spontaneous, and magickal way.

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