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21. The World

The World appears like the eye of the Universe. A white inner circle, signifying clarity of vision, is surrounded by a black abyss with 6 flowers rotating in harmony around the ring. The next layer is snake skin, representing the infinite wholeness, and the death and life cycles of the serpent biting its own tail. The outer ring is rainbow colors, encompassing the entire spectrum of vibrations you experience in your life. There is balance, peace, expansion, and wholeness present. The background shows the light of day and the dark starry night, reflecting the embodiment of shadow and light in each of us. Such depth and beauty of yourself exists as you see how both light and dark are serving your highest expression. This shows you the contrast of experience, therefore, you move into higher realms of light.

The World is a reflection of living fully. You are learning, growing, discovering, and continuously expanding. The greatest gift of this life is revealed to you, infinitely, each glorious moment. Through your darkness, you delve deeply into the subconscious abyss of the layers that wish to be recognized and brought to the sun. As you continue your ever expanding journey into the galaxies, you will become open to uncovering the dark experiences. You will find that the exposure of these aspects of yourself are liberated through love. They can be held and seen as they merge with your light. The World signifies a maturing and depth that has come from all that has been experienced. This is a completion of cycles that has given birth to a greater understanding of yourself and your ever changing role in this expansive Universe.

At this time you are in harmony with the knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. In this space all forces assist you in higher and higher ways, in spiritual and physical realms. It isn’t that the forces weren’t with you beforehand, but now you are in a clear space to receive the light energy directly from Spirit. This is a powerful place to move from, as you see nothing is a mistake, and all that is occurring within the human experience is assisting your highest expansion.

Dedicate yourself to Truth.

As you intimately know that you are moving in accordance with Divine Presence, your role in the world becomes much more expansive. You are not limited to the small and constricting bubble of your personality. You are moving with a greater awareness of the light web that is being woven on all planes in connection to the All. Challenges that come at this time are embraced with more compassion, love, and understanding. Allow for a graceful, fluid movement, moment to moment. There is a deep shedding of doubt and uncertainty as the power of trust is embodied fully. There has been much exploration and discovery that has opened up into a fulfillment of a purposeful forward momentum. As you come to completion of a naive and childlike cycle, you keep your childlike wonder ever present, as you embody a deeper and more mature understanding of your true nature.

You are in the power and integrity of your Soul Purpose.

Genuine passions, interests, and gifts, are now seen fully and are expressed in total freedom. There is a connection of gathered interests that you are drawn to and they are all working in harmony. You are nurturing, developing and sharing your gifts with the world. There is a deeper understanding of why you have the attractions and interests you do. Invest fully in your creative expression. The World is in recognition of your gifts. They are expanding as quickly as you are opening to receive and share them with humanity. As you share your gifts with the World, they will continue to bloom in ways that will propel you to open and experience higher realms. The World reveals itself when you are excited, whole, joyful, and content with your process.

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