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The Wheel of Fortune

By December 14, 2017September 20th, 2022No Comments

The wheel can spin either way, in any direction, with the opportunity for infinite possibilities to show up in our experience. Sometimes we work from the outside…in. One can scramble around trying to make all the pieces of the outside puzzle seem to fit. However, unless it is birthed from our unity it is only a false foundation with seemingly impressive looks. It will crumble, and if it hasn’t already…it will!

If we look at all of life as an extension of what we are vibrating from inside, we then can clearly see the connection of our internal being and all which surrounds us. Here is the opportunity to embody the tremendous power that is always within us, to move in a way that is in alignment with our heart. As we trust our true alignment more fully than what is designed to lure us from our most natural essence of being, We….Shift….Worlds.

We can genuinely thank all opposing forces for not working against us, but truly assisting us. Perhaps even rapidly waking us up to our authentic and natural way of being. This allows us to become more fluid in seeing the game/construct and to begin living in the one that speaks deeply from our sacred unity within.⠀

The Wheel of Fortune very much points me to this in every moment, which is – As we feel into our body, into our vibration, into our mind and hearts, what is present within that space and what is playing out around us? There is not one human that has come into our life that is not a teacher in some way, and there is not one being who has entered our life that is to blame for anything which has occurred. We are asked to be completely responsible for how we show up.⠀

All that is unfolding is all for our highest evolution. This is completely natural. Every process or shedding that occurs becomes fluid when we learn more deeply to hold space for ourselves as this process occurs. More compassion here, more gentleness.⠀

The Wheel of Fortune spins in the light and the dark spaces. As a surrendering continues to chip away at our hard edges, the journey continues to evolve and deepen. We are able to hold a greater space of love for all to naturally unravel.

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