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16. The Tower

The Tower is a demolition of your false self. This can be absolutely terrifying or exciting. There is an internal unraveling of energies which no longer serve your highest evolution. These vibrations have been held tightly as an escape mechanism. Full creative potential now ready to embody in your spirit. This can be a period of extreme and necessary discomfort as weak structures crumble within and around you. Know that what is coming is what your soul deeply desires, and what has been paralyzing to you is coming to a close. As you break down what is comfortable, your next steps will reveal themselves. Leave all that you know, to rise in your highest alignment.

The less you are aligned with Source, the stronger life will push back- until you align with the cosmic flow of your soul purpose. The Tower card is the destruction of false foundations one has built an empire upon. This life is only here to reveal unending love within you, and is only supporting the truth of your divinity. As this breakdown occurs, it is the destruction that brings life to the real spirit within you. It is only grace that burns your masks in hellfire. Allow this fire to burn all that you are not and make space, where love eradicates all fear. Your spirit is being cleansed by God. Allow all that is arising to be fully felt. Allow the energy to arise, so it can teach you what you need. It is a time to feel the depth of the darkness, so you can powerfully release and be filled with light. The dark and light are both assisting you to higher levels of consciousness as you continue spiraling upward.

As you allow the darkness to move and acknowledge its existence within you, complete transmutation occurs. Release fear as it rises to the surface. This is the Tower of Truth- it is the total honesty freeing you from all bondage. Our sense of security can never arise from a false life. Anything outside of you will never teach you the true security that spirit provides. True security can only be the light of Self, needing no external world to validate its existence. Remove the false worlds that create illusions of stability. Connect with the core of your nature which provides true fulfillment. Invite the deepest parts of your creative soul to burst into light.

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