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19. The Sun

The Sun is beaming, emanating its light to our brothers, sisters, and all of creation. The sun shines her radiance, from the center, to all four corners of the card. Here the birds carry the spirit of the sun outward in all directions. The four birds represent the North, South, East and West, the elements, and the four suits of the minor arcana. The spirit of this card is gratitude, grace, full vibrancy, complete trust in life, and reverence with all that is.

There is nothing hidden in The Sun. All is brought to light, with radiance and abundance vibrating in every cell of your being. This extends into the far reaches of the galaxies. The Sun is your light, filled with a fire that is shining through all obstacles as you continue to follow your path with creative, sensuous play and passion. This golden energy that you are moving with is not only nurturing and blooming the seeds you are planting, but this energy is also being shared with the universe through the rise of your light. Everything you touch at this time is turning into pure gold. You are confident in each step you are taking, embodying fully the path and the direction of your heart. Life has shown you to fully trust and how held you are by the entirety of the glowing cosmos.

The Sun invites you into her portal of light, connecting you to Source energy through her gate. Say yes to all creative inspiration that comes from the light of the All. You came in human form, not to deny your earthly existence, but to play and enjoy this magick, unfolding moment to moment. Place your attention on what lights you up, fully giving every drop of yourself to this expression. You will find this energy only brings you higher and higher. There is not one soul in the entirety of the universe who can express creatively in the way you can. There is nothing to compete with and nothing to lose, as you are guided by the shining sun of your inner most being. We all are bursting with unique gifts that are dormant until we are ready to dive into ourselves. Allow your gifts to rise. As you align with the divine, you will come into contact with the energy of The Sun. Express this creative love and focus this energy in the direction that is most connected to your soul-force.

Your life is the flowering fountain of crystalline light. All your endeavors will be energized by the grace of this light. Even as challenges come,

you feel supremely guided and in contact with your essence. There is an abundance of light emanating from you that sees with the inner eye of Source. You are creative, energized, excited, and feel tremendous joy and gratitude for life. The Sun reminds you to soak up the rays in nature and allow yourself to get in touch with the warmth, relaxation, and energy she freely gives you. Absorb the sun’s energy instead of shielding yourself from this tremendous power. Connecting in nature is a profound way to get in touch with your natural state and to move into your pure awareness. As nature has absolutely no resistance to what is, Mother Earth reminds us to keep exploring what we are naturally attracted to.

Let your flower garden bloom.

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