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17. The Star

As we look at the night sky, we are filled with wonder and the mysteries of life. This feeling naturally awakens our cells to the infinite possibilities of what we can discover and create. If life birthed us and the stars into being, what beauty can be created through the illuminating forces of our Spirit? The night sky inspires wonderment about our unlimited creative potential. That which inspires your being to move is the same spark that ignited all of life, the stars, and galaxies into existence.

The Star represents honoring your true self and devoting yourself fully to The Great Work of this sacred life. The Star moves in a natural way that is in accordance with the magick of divine will. The wisdom of the stars and the galaxies are ancient. This is the same wisdom which is moving through all beings in this very moment. At this time you will find that those who oppose your path have no impact in your field. In fact, all opposing forces only show you that you are living in honor with your soul’s path. This is the proof of the cosmic support which guides your way.

All of the challenges you faced until now have created a strength that is unmatched by what one can learn in a book or through another’s story. Your experience cultivates your soul fire and strength. As your field is flooded with light, your gratitude and understanding for all that has been experienced brings you abundant blessings. Abide in this space of full hearted gratitude. Moving through your spirit, your work is now coming to full fruition in the world. You are open to share your essence with those that come into your field, while forging ahead on your own creative journey. Move with grace and you will see the natural progression of your divine work and the magick that continues to open new doors of activation, understanding, connection, fulfillment and wealth. The movement of your life is beyond trust, hope, and faith. It is total unity with the Divine Spirit.

You are moving in complete alignment with the creative outpouring of the universe.

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  • Denae says:

    Every time I want a deeper reading, I come here. There’s so much love, understanding, wisdom and ancient truth that I get from reading your interpretations. It’s amazing, and I’m thankful. Thank you so much for this amazing site and it’s sanctuary.

    • MiraSol says:

      Thank you. It is for all of us. I feel your words and appreciate them deeply. Writing these interpretations opened my heart to sharing more openly and I’m greatful for this. May we all feel the power of our light and may it continue to leave us in awe and wonder. We have everything to be greatful for. So much love to you.