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The Real Manifestation Magick Formula – Quality of Being

By March 1, 2022April 7th, 2022No Comments

Self-sacrifice is a dead formula.

Quality of Being, is the real Magick formula of this Aeon.

The more you devote yourself in your moment to moment awareness of your inner quality and climate of your being, the more you will resonate with higher and higher frequencies that are available to you right now.

If the Quality of your Being is where you place your awareness, you will quickly see how your soul manifestations come to life in the most magickal, synchronistic, and otherworldly ways.

Real Soul Manifestation is about Destiny.

It is about connecting to the truth of your being which is connected to all of existence and tuning into your divine expression in all moments.

When you attune yourself in this way, you program your entire reality in accordance with your Soul Force, not a false contract of identities that society, culture, family, friends, tribes and past generations have placed upon you.

Your opportunity is to free yourself from the limitations and false identities that have been placed upon you.

If you reject them totally, you are now navigating from your true essence which is beyond all programming and indoctrination from a false system and systems of operating.

Your ability to manifest as you focus on Quality of Being becomes million fold more powerful in the space that is not functioning on false programs.

In this space you are do not navigate like anyone else. You are free to create in anyway that you are guided by your spirit, and from this space you have full power to create in alignment and support of the divine will, which is the same as your will.

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