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The POWER To Be a Master Manifestor – EARN YOUR STRIPES

By September 22, 2022No Comments

The power to be a a master at manifesting your reality happens in this NOW moment when you choose your Highest Frequency in the Light of Source. If you keep staying in a process…you will always be in one. You must choose your Highest, Now in this moment, in order to move beyond the same repetition of patterns and BREAK them.

Ask your self this, do you keep giving your power away, or are you the master of your kingdom?

There are many levels of self deception which mask your true power. Good news is…you are NOT the masks which hold you back, but you must learn higher discernment to see why you have been held back.

You must be vigilant with your Self Inquiry in order to catch the subtlety of self deception which makes you believe you are not worthy to receive more.

In order to receive more from your experience you must feel worthy to receive more of all that you desire from life.

You can bridge this gap by noticing first how you feel when you want something or when you receive something. What emotions and feelings arise for you when you are desiring to expand into more from and for yourself?

A powerful way to break through this barrier is to say YES to what you desire and open the door. Without excuses, without reasons why you cannot and even if resistance to the expansion is present. This is how you break through to the other side and change your ability to receive.

This Universe has no limitations on how much you can receive, there are only perceived limitations that you hold temporarily about what you will allow in your experience. The good news is…you can ALWAYS expand into more!

I have designed The Serpent Magick Academy of Master Manifestation Magick so that you can receive guidance to learn to see beyond your limitations and Rise beyond them. You will learn to move to the Highest peaks in YOUR OWN AUTHORITY and step into your Real Power as a conscious creator on Gaia.

The more you say YES to what you desire the more you will BE the Master of your own life and creations instead of the victim of circumstance.

The Serpent Magick Academy of Master Manifestation Magick is a special and sacred course that will allow you to expose limitations of your perception in order to live in your Highest Vision. If you commit all the way within your Being to YOURSELF during the next 3 months – you will not be the same being who started. You will learn where you have hidden your power and how to CLAIM what you desire and EMBODY who you truly are.

To become a student and learn The Art of Manifestation Mastery, enroll in The Serpent Magick Academy of Master Manifestation Magick.