The Phoenix Initiation

Preliminary work before Master Manifestation Magick.

The Phoenix Initiation is the beginning to the deep work of my signature 3 month course Master Manifestation Magick. The Phoenix Initiation will prepare you for the depths and heights that MMM will create in your life. This work will open the space for you to commit to the actualization of your Self Mastery, which is what true Soul Manifestation Embodied is.

Duration of Time: 1 Month

The Work Communication:

  • 4 Personalized 30 Minute Recorded Video Transmissions

You will receive an Initiation email with questions on your Highest Visions and Soul Manifestations to begin opening the space for your 1st Video Transmission for Week 1. You will 1 video each week over the course of 30 days to move you into the highest position of your personal power and clarity with your Highest Vision.

  • Personalized Email Responses/Communications to each Video Transmission (4 Total)

You will receive 4 in depth and articulate email communications after I receive your response to each Video Transmission, this allows the work to go very deep and ensure you receive complete clarity and power on what you are creating and be in the highest frequency in order to move powerfully towards what you desire.