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The Phoenix Combustion

By October 11, 2021September 20th, 2022No Comments

You are combusting as the phoenix. Step into your New Reality by embodying all the new qualities you have in your desired reality.

You know that feeling when you are on the verge of something REALLY BIG and you can feel the shift in every fiber of your being?!

This feeling is a similar energy when your manifestation is about to take the turn into your entirely NEW REALITY.

You can discover the frequency specific to your energetic signature by being in the field of this Oceanic Network of your potentials.

In that vast space of your infinite potentials of power that you have to focus on and actualize, focus intently on the frequency that contains all the information that you in your highest vision embodies.

In order to do this the parts of you that will want to fight this are the parts that are working against your new reality, because it means TOTAL TRANSFORMATION…in other words, those parts cannot exist if you want to live in your new reality!

As you continue to lay bombs at the path of the past and to begin moving in your FULL FIRE inside your new and highest reality with complete KNOWING & BELIEF, you open the doors into your new life with full EXUBERANCE by your…


That what YOU choose with a SACRED YES can only ever be yours when you are willing to meet yourself in a BRAND NEW way, with NEW ACTIONS which lead to NEW MANIFESTATIONS and the real results that you want to experience!

Do you choose a Sacred Yes to your New Reality?

Are you willing to do the work it takes to create it?

What are your intentions are for your new reality?

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Opulence Is Quality of Being Manifest.