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Mother of Pentacles

The Mother of Pentacles is calm and nurturing. A momma dear and her fawn nestle in comfort and trust. The Mother of Pentacles is resting. She lies down, maintaining her alert sensitivities, with an air of serenity about her. Earthly colors of pale green and blue behind her symbolize her connection to the physical world. The light purple at the bottom of the card symbolizes her connection with Spirit and how she moves intuitively. She does not worry about her young, because she knows that life will always care for her and her family. This relaxation that she feels in life is what allows her to move with great trust and ease. The Mother of Pentacles asks you to embody a relaxation in your life that allows you to move like water. As this relaxation is discovered, you feel life is flowing with pure Grace.

The trust that is felt from this card is clear. You are walking your path and know exactly where you need to be. You are in alignment with your heart and walking with Spirit. When you truly start swimming in the stream that life always has available for you, you see how previous states of living were contracted states. As you allow the love to flow from you, your visions will manifest and full abundance on every level will be realized. The Mother of Pentacles says to trust in your ideas, your dreams, and your magick. Watch the fulfilment and abundance on all layers of your experience blooming around you. Take your leap of faith and believe fully in each decision made wholly from the heart. You will see how all things are possible and miraculous. Only a thought of fear creates a separation that impedes you from action. This is paralyzing for any being. It is why people don’t leave old situations for ones that serve themselves and greatest good.

Listen to your heart, make galactic leaps of faith, and watch how the universe will support your Divine Will and that alone.

One pentacle is directly above the mother deer’s head. Pentacles represent earthly and material aspects of life. Do not listen to the illusion that if you follow your heart you will not have any material security. This is an illusion that can quickly be seen through when you open yourself to your natural hearts expression. If you believe that you are secure in a job or place which doesn’t serve the highest emanation of your heart, you are only opening yourself enough to be secure in that place. When you open yourself to do what your soul desires, you are allowing yourself to trust in the miracle of life. This is far more secure, and eternally more beautiful and fulfilling than anything that is going against your heart. If you are suffering and in pain at a place of work, how is that really secure? This shows that you are not caring about your own well being. You are putting financial security above happiness.

The truth is, you can have financial security and happiness doing what makes you Glow. Be courageous and always go for the higher road.

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