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18. The Moon

As you move in devotion to your true path, you continue honoring and holding the light. This opens you to subtle messages, given moment by moment, by the light of the moon. The moonlight is your guide- your inner light showing you the infinite path. As you continue uncovering the subtle vibrations that arise within each phase of this unfolding light, you know this guiding lighthouse of pure illumination is guiding the steps of all. Each phase of the moon uncovers deeper dimensions for you to discover in the gracious and giving world you abide in.

The Moon reveals the infinite phases of yourself as they are illuminated by your awareness. Your subconscious plays a vital role, as it manifests everything that is held within its realms. As you dive into your subconscious and are able to understand and develop a relationship with these energies, you are then able to alchemize them. Vibration, vision, written and spoken word, meditation, dance and song are perfect vehicles for its expression.

Now is the time to sit with and reflect upon the inner workings of your self. Discover what is held within your subconscious terrain and follow the hidden path of light between the trees and into the forest. For this path will lead you to the true light of golden wisdom. Forgotten seeds of bondage will rise from within. Invite these energies to come to the surface. This will allow you to see the darkness within. Open yourself to look at the whole picture instead of fragmented parts of your infinite nature. The shadow side of the moon reflects the illusory aspects of yourself. It is the light of the sun, which reflects off the moon, which is the true illuminating source of the Moon’s light. Connect to both energies of the Sun and Moon. This will bring the subconscious to conscious attention, shifting your path to the next higher octave, which you are now ready to embark upon.

The moon will reveal new faces to you through her phases of the night. When you look into her, she will show you the infinite faces of her spirit and guide you through her silent gaze. Phenomena are not always as they appear to be in the myriad of manifest forms. The light of the moon is subtle, gently guiding and alluring, but simultaneously fierce and powerful. The moon holds Quan Yin energy and Kali force as one. Be sensitive to messages coming through inner vibrations, dreams, symbolism, and feelings at this time. Subtleties are the guiding force for discovering new doors read to open.

Each day you have the opportunity to truly feel yourself and your created life and environment. As you inquire into what feels in alignment and what does not, you will begin to create a new blossoming life, releasing negative vibrations, situations, people, jobs, and environments. As you live and breath in alignment with what feels attuned to your soul vibration, your life will expand to the highest possible realms. Pave the way to the light by knowing what is held in your subconscious. As you develop this relationship, you will learn how to change your reality. Direct your subconscious to the highest vibrational golden light- the unveiling of your etheric majesty.

All beings walk upon the Divine path. In all your lives, simultaneously occurring, you are drawn to the light of your true path. As you integrate your own life experiences and intuition, many teachers will arise and be revealed. Move in absolute alignment according to how source light moves through you. Continue in each breathe to listen mindfully to what spirit brings you at this time. Move without fear and know that Grace is fully on your side. Feel yourself. Sit inside your honey nectar temple and dive deeper into the wild unknown. When you are ready, the light will appear from inside yourself.

Trust the subtle inner realms illuminating your path.

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  • Marco Enrique says:

    I drew this card in regards to the potential to move to California and what it would mean to me so ah yes. Lovely thank you:) I also drew the Father of Wands and Son of Wands with the same question. Deeply in tune and synched.

    America is the Cancer sign (69) The Moon vibrates with Cancer. Yes , very powerful message. 6 = Love 9 = Conflict. When they meet Love always prevails. 6 + 9 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6.

    Ah yes we are all in & as the Wild Unknown here, everywhere and nowhere, the mystery beyond mystery, we Are, expressing ourself as divine consciousness, as the divine play as infinite possibilities, form and formless form and formlesness and beyond. The play of consciousness within the evolution of consciousness. All is myself. All is Home. Aho

    Moon ,Imagination, Creativity, Sensitivity. Older Childhood stage like the Cancer sign 69 thus also childlike fears and doubts about the adult world, much like an 11 or 12 year old child that sees and feels so much and has such powerful imagination.. such great powerful creativity and imagination, eternal seeds of love and devotion when we choose freedom, and all will as said be coming to the surface that has not been met, seen, tended to and understood thus loved to death. Love yourself to death for all is You.

    Also related to the number 2 and parenthood and nurturing in the midnight moonlight, Mother Love (Conscious Mind) nurturing our inner child (Sub C) tending and nurturing to the child and all the old data that is replaying, purifying Top Down, sinking into a deeper partnership with the inner child anchoring trust and love foundation. Moon divine Eternal Time Infinite Space.

    Signs of the Times.

    • Mmmm thank you for sharing. Brings me so much joy to receive this message, to continue and add to the writing. Love to you on your journey <3