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1. The Magician

The Magician is powered by the planet Mercury, activating intellect, skill- set, and the understanding of utilizing the forces of creation. The cheetah is focused and alert, absorbing his surroundings in the realm of Spirit and on the earth he moves upon. He bridges the gap between worlds. The four suits of the tarot are present, depicting the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The Magician embodies all the elements in the heavenly and earthly realms to bring full physical manifestation on earth. By understanding the true reality beyond the 3D realm, the Magician aligns with the natural laws of the universe. The Magician is balanced in heart, mind, body and spirit; which allow the correct manifestations to be created in the world. The infinity symbol on his heart reveals the Magician’s oneness with all that is, seen and unseen.

You are the Magician: the creator and innovator who manifests your soul’s vision into reality. The life experience, creativity, and focused energy you embody is the perfect symbiosis that brings your heart into the physical plane. You have entered past the dream cultivating stage into a full awakening of the powers you hold. You choose the steps that are guided by your soul essence. Your dreams now take shape because of your pure connection to Source, your understanding and unity with the elements, and the strength of your vigilant spirit. You will see that manifestations are now catching up to the timeline of your focused attention. You are never victim of circumstance, but a creative thinker and innovator, with a fierce action oriented soul. As you continue your development in honing the elements, you will be highly attuned and not burn vital energy. There is a sacred value of the primal energy within.

When honored, flowers bloom into a million roses beneath you.

The Magician is hyper-aware of each vibration, word, thought, and feeling that moves through his field. He knows it is creating the world he abides in. He swiftly pulls resources, skills, and intuitive creativity from Source Energy, to align with the highest creations of potential possibility. As you are actively working on your vision, this card reflects that if your actions are carried forth from an aligned heart, you are fully supported by all cosmic forces. Focus with unwavering attention. Direct all energy through your heart to this vision. Allow yourself to be fully absorbed in each subtle vibration and physical action. Bring the full embodiment of your heart to move into what you are creating. The more momentum you gain through acting on the heart’s desires, the more creatively and easily you tap into your ability to move through what arises.

Be the Magician. Be daring enough to move according to the cosmic chariot and create the full manifestation of your soul’s blueprint.

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