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6. Lovers

The Lovers card shows two geese flying in harmony together while simultaneously honoring their individual paths. The geese have tremendous instinctive power and navigate long distances with confidence and bravery. They are teaching you to harness intuitive strength while continuing on your soul’s journey. Geese remind you to move courageously on your soul path and not compromise your deepest heart’s desire for something lesser. The Lovers know they each have great work to accomplish and must honor this. They must commit to total integrity with their own work while merging together in union of their shared work. A light blue iridescent hue emanates from above the birds as they fly, representing the expansive freedom of truth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, depth, stability and peace.

This connection is a deep soul union and signifies a bond on many fundamental layers of being, thus creating a rich, lifelong bond. The Lovers have the ability to fly in life together, overcoming any obstacle encountered with love and reverence for life. As the connection grows, each partner assists the awakening of the highest aspects of each one’s being. This union dives into the subconscious, bringing that which must come into light, and purifies the temple within. The sexual bond they share is sacred and rooted in Spirit, allowing them to travel to higher realms of astral worlds. This is a union for deep-rooted energetic connection that unites the Lovers beyond the physical.

The Lovers’ bond expands the union with greater deepening of understanding as the relationship develops. As both souls continue the work of Spirit and come together in support, understanding, and pure love, they are able to fly to greater heights together then as individuals. The two merge into the harmony of the cosmos and greater work is revealed to them on this journey, as they join energetic fields and surrender to Spirit. When each partner is dedicated to the highest vibrational soul expansion, each step will open in moonstone grace, only what is miraculous.

As you stay open and alert to symbolism, vibration, inner voice, and move according to inspired action, this journey will reveal the next steps, moment by moment, as you each trust inner guidance of yourselves and one another. Each partner’s spiritual gifts are shared with the other in deep union. As new gifts open, know that these are for the next phase of the journey. Cherish these new gifts and open yourself to where life is guiding the ruby road of heart and active inner-listening.

Allow the love of soul to be the guiding light.

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  • Since Janurary, EVERY morning I pull three cards and come right to you for insight and wisdom. Thank you for your efforts in helping us to unravel this gorgeous deck. Your writings are a true gift and I am deeply grateful! xoxo

    • MiraSol says:

      So happy to hear you have been reading in the morning! That has been my vision, for those who feel drawn to come and read as they have tarot ritual and to arrive here as space of inspiration and insight. So happy to hear your feedback 🙂 Feel free to email or leave comments if you have anything specific in mind you would like to see a blog post written about. I’m always open to suggestions if you are feeling inspired. xoxo