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2. The High Priestess

The High Priestess is pure presence before the light and dark emerge. She is the one who crosses the void and brings as many as she can through the gates with her. The priestess abides by the laws of Spirit and is not chained by earthly matters. She knows her time on earth is temporary and focuses on the subtle realms of vibration and astral travel. The High Priestess is guided by pure intuition and her devotion to the Supreme Spirit. Her strength comes from the unending well of love energy that interconnects us all. As she continues discovering the mysteries of magick, she shares all experiences discovered in truth and love, to be shared with all beings that are receptive to her energy, art, and word. The priestess appears when one is dedicated to the continuous unfolding discovery of the truth of being.

The High Priestess emerges when your fear of the unknown realms vanish. She is the walker between the worlds of God and man. She has the quality of the ethers and the creative blooming of untainted imagination. As you move into pure inspiration, that is in direct alignment with Source, you become free from the binds of all false selves. From this freedom blooms infinite wisdom within, that obliterates all veils of illusion. The realms of light you embody and travel upon reveal an unending portal of creativity that is now bursting forth in every aspect of your life. In this space, you are able to move majestically in freedom, guided by the laws of the universe. In this creatively expansive space, there is no attachment of outcome, as you are only abiding in the pure expression of the Divine, always alive and inspired.

As you embody the High Priestess energy, the only interest you have is union with your pure God Self. You are witnessing that by abiding in Source, the whole world moves in divine harmony. Anxiety and fear leave your field because you are aware that what is done in these states is not original to the purity of your nature. As you move guided by inner Spirit, you know that all which occurs can only be the Divine moving. Your alignment and integrity with your being in your total embodiment of the High Priestess, will allow you to be the highest service to Mother Earth and all the inhabitants here; as well as all lifeforms on lower and higher realms of existence. Open yourself to the greater responsibilities that come with the higher realms you have entered.

Allow the High Priestess to rise.

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