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5. The Hierophant

The Hierophant is raising the unconscious to the conscious. He signifies bringing ancient universal wisdom and knowledge among fellow humans. The Hierophant embodies the unlocking of the highest spiritual wisdom, right action through experience and understanding, and an absolute commitment to The Great Work. New information is now being received to expand him further than his current sphere of understanding. The Hierophant is an invitation to sit within and seek the answers needed. Think universally. The Hierophant embodies cosmic consciousness and receives messages through vibration, symbolism, voices, beings of light, and through pure feeling.

As you dive into what is thought to be true, reinvestigate beliefs that are outgrown and no longer serve your highest good. The Hierophant is a reminder to continue learning, expanding and questioning what you may think is true. There are infinitely more subtle, and deeper depths to discover. These doorways will continue revealing themselves as steps are taken forward. Open your childlike ways of learning to be a pure vessel and transmitter of the divine word and action through intuitive knowing.

The Hierophant reveals a current or future relationship of a deep spirit-based love connection that honors the highest pathway into unity with totality- someone who you can evolve with and bring the subconscious to light within each of you. This partnership will be the meeting of the divine to express the work that needs to be accomplished in order to spiral upward together.

You are both on the path as clear channels for divinity to work through you, creating a connected merkaba field that expands you both further into the universe. There will be an immediate connection upon this meeting, to which both souls will recognize this connection is based in Truth. Each partner will be exposing in the other that which was still hidden inside, in order to release energies and reach higher realms together.

All Illusions and old karmic wounds will be healed in this union, assisting the potential to unite in sacred connection. Open yourselves to be gateways for the divine to express itself on earthly and astral realms. As each one allows the flow of humility, grace, love, beauty, truth, compassion, and genuine understanding, there will be tremendous growth and sacred unity present.

Seek the highest grounds within to open the gates of your inner sanctum.

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