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9. The Hermit

The tortoise sits quietly with a lantern upon his back. There is nothing in the world for The Hermit. He discovers this and dwells within the worlds that cannot be spoken of. The Hermit is dissolving into complete unity with the Divine. What he once felt as separation is now full unity with God. The light of his lantern illuminates the path of those souls perceiving a separation from the totality. The Hermit dwells in this astral realm as an open receiver to the light of wisdom. The Hermit is in a period of spiritual and occult study, rest, contemplation, meditation, incubation, and unfolding revelation in divine union. As he dwells in cosmic exploration of the world of spirit, he is guided absolutely. He places high value to this time and deeply knows he must remain silent as the magick school of mysteries is being unveiled.

Other beings may not understand what he is conjuring, but he ignores their ignorance and remains fully dedicated to his will and union with Spirit. This cycle of inner work allows wisdom to spring through the cavernous landscapes woven through his multidimensional self. Open your inner sight and choose to see the web of ever changing patterns of light. Connect with the higher dimensional guides surrounding you. They are present even now, and are holding the light as you are. They are assisting your highest evolutionary growth. Listen, feel, and discover the subtle worlds revealing layer upon layer for your journey. Aligned action will be crystallized in perfect decadent timing, but only after you have satiated your divine cocoon with these rose petal rivers. The natural movement of right action will shine brightly and light the golden steps of the illuminating path.

Sitting still within allows you to discover your soul essence and to move in unity, trust, grace, and ease. This essence is beyond what arises within its sphere – thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs – yet contains all that is found within. The Hermit has mostly experienced tremendous pain before going into this phase of solitude. And it is this pain that brings him to question all things. This pain is the Hermit’s holy gift. It will awaken your sensitivity to life if you are moving consciously. As you take on the Hermit’s energy, you discover the abundance you thought  that comes only from outside, is only obtained by tuning into the unlimited abundance ever present within. The Hermit does not go into solitude in hopes of gaining anything besides the discovery of his own divine union. The Hermit’s self discovery is an ever expanding journey that he honors and holds sacred with the totality of his being. He discovers a deep contentment in himself as he is no longer disturbed by the limits of his body.

As you discover the infinite nature of yourself and all beings, you are filled with deep gratitude, and know all creatures are true instruments of the divine will.

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  • Kate says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Every one of your descriptions resonates with me deeply. Thank you for all you do!

    XO, Kate

  • Hayley K says:

    Your interpretation of the cards are just beautiful- the ones I have read resonate with me in a profound way, and are a lovely resource to get more acquainted with my first tarot deck. Thank you for your time and generosity ❤️

    • MiraSol says:

      It is my absolute pleasure. Happy the interpretations can be useful for getting to know your first deck. Wild Unknown was my first deck too, will always be dear to my heart.

  • Marco Enrique says:

    We always look for your interpretation when dealt with a card, as it resonates the most and confirms and deepens our own inner seeing very profoundly. Synchroniced.

    • MiraSol says:

      Beautiful to hear. I will continue writing for this deck. I absolutely fell in love with it. The first and only one I have. I have a few more cards to write. I do all by intuition so nothing is rushed. As I complete them I will go through writings again. Updating and altering anything that feels right and adding reversals as well. This is my intention. Happy to receive your note. Blessings to you and much love on your journey. May only light and truth emerge from all that comes. Love love love.