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12. The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card depicts a bat hanging from a branch in the night. He is wrapped within his wings. Something is being being protected. Though what it is, is yet to be unveiled. A series of deaths based in illusory aspects of self will bring the Hanged Man full circle. Through major transitions, he releases old patterns. This empowers his wings for flight. The bat hangs in the dark, his head hanging in the light. This reveals that you must go beyond the limitation of darkness covering your light. Through this you expand into a higher level of being, bringing you into the next stage of evolution.

Suspension before a major breakthrough is present. What are you hanging on to in the dark? The bat must let go of the branch in order to gain momentum and fly. Also, he must use echolocation to navigate through the dark to his desired destination. As you develop spiritual gifts and explore subtle realms, the ability to navigate and shape shift into new lives becomes more natural. As you outgrow one phase, trusting your developed gifts, you will navigate clearly into the next cycle and come into higher realms of awareness.

This suspension before flight allows for the information needed to come. This is crucial for integrating this new understanding. As you release negative energies during this period, allow the highest expansion into what you truly desire. Your heightened sensitivity to the unseen will give you the full understanding you need to make the highest choice. It will be as a fire that burns all delusion, becoming a catapult for moving into your dream life. Move boldly and with confidence in your flight.

True light shines when you stop protecting your fears. Do not give them fuel to survive. Hold and protect your light. Receive it fully from Source and let it move through you like water. Life is always showing you what you need to see. When you remain open and willing to listen, universal magick is ever present as a guiding light. She opens to you to move in accordance with the natural laws. Magick is hardwired in your system- in your blood, tears, bones, skin, joy, every breath and movement.

The Hanged Man tells you to go into the night. To feel the night air and the secrets that are hidden in the quiet echoes. Look at the moon and gaze at the stars. Feel the presence of the planets within you. Feel connected, held, and open to Spirit and the messages finding their way to you. The Hanged man asks you to shift your perspective and asks: “Where are you focusing your energy? Where are you planting seeds?”

Be courageous to depart yourself from those who doubt your soul journey. Your life will shift radically when you allow only those who support and love you to be in your life. Leave those who do not. May your perceptions come to absolute clarity and may all difficulties turn into mighty opportunities of growth.

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