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0. The Fool

The Fool has one foot on a familiar branch and the other taking the first step into the wild unknown. The Fool is not concerned with what is to come or what has been. He lives in the moment and trusts completely that he is being guided by pure Spirit. The Fool is numbered zero in the tarot, as he is ever present within all of the 78 cards. He is unlimited potential in any direction. The Fool has come into being to explore and learn, without knowing what may come his way. Divinely guided, he steps forward into the Universe with childlike innocence and wonder.

As you trust in the force that gives birth to existence, you understand that all experiences are for the development of your expansion and growth as a divine soul. As you give up false ideas, beliefs, and concepts, you take on The Fool’s innocence in each step on your path. You take your first steps, discovering discernment, along the moment by moment unfolding path. The Fool embodies a present moment freshness that is not colored by past or future. The Fool sees each experience as a new opportunity to live and love the sacred, traveling unknown realms fearlessly. As you embody The Fool, you release all limitation and fear within. You choose to walk free and unhindered by limitations. As you revel and embrace uncharted territory within and without, you will discover unknown realms and doorways of the infinite potential of Magick.

How do you continue your journey and preserve childlike innocence, exploration, awe, and wonder? How often do you truly surrender to this miracle of existence, trusting wholeheartedly? In this state of gratitude, new doors of unexpected beauty and opportunity transcend your reality into infinite possibility. The magickal realms begin revealing invisible steps to embark upon. As you embody the entirety of the universe within your heart, the truth will show itself in every moment. As you take your next step, remain open, unafraid, and willing to walk in total embodiment of Spirit.

Trust your inner path.

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  • Maz says:

    My favourite card!!!

    Thank you for elucidating the wise fool, lovely Samira.
    And thank you for all the hard work you put into defining the cards for us ?

    • MiraSol says:

      One of my favorites too Maz!!! I really laugh and celebrate the cards being gifted to me and then all that transpired through writing and sharing since! Reminds me today I want to thank the beautiful one who gifted me the cards! Love to you Maz!