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3. The Empress

The Empress is the Earth mother- the feminine that nurtures all of life. She is the beauty seen in the natural world, the art that moves you, and the music and dance igniting your wild fire within. She is fertile with child, crystalline creativity, and loving expression. She rules the planet of Venus and the emerald evidence that Grace exists in all. The Empress is the reminder of deep nurturing, love, and growth of the feminine presence. The Empress card depicts a white tree, glowing in the moonlight, with a pink and purple energy emanating from her magick within. A crescent moon shines above, representing the birth of the many possibilities being honored and tended to. The presence of this feminine energy removes all doubt, fear, lack, and frustration from your path. The Empress nurtures, loves, and cares for all creations. She enriches the soil for abundant outcome of fertile land for self and all of life that Mother Gaia holds. The receiving of this feminine presence within is to receive the full blooming and flourishing of your planted seeds from the last cycle. The Empress shows all phases of growth, death and re-birth, each unfolding naturally into the next higher cycle, as you tend the sacred temple within.

As you nurture your creative gifts and abilities, your family, and your inner-sanctum, the fullness of your attention will watch them transform and grow beyond and greater than anything imaginable. As you encourage this creativity to be developed, you will draw all resources, spiritual and material, directly into your field. You will explore and utilize all information and tools you have gathered, using them to the highest potential your consciousness will rise to. You are the divine mother of creation and all that is birthed, is birthed through your sphere. There are no limits to what creations can be brought forth and there is no end to what can be discovered. You may go as far as you are willing to explore. The Empress has the creative energy of a child, but with the maturity of an adult who has experienced many lifetimes upon this earth. She creates from all these experiences and tells their stories through her creations.

The Empress ignites a natural life born from the core of the earth. She is the ancient grandmother tree that contains all wisdom to create naturally as the tree grows from the tiny seed and turns into a mighty oak. Her practical wisdom comes from the knowing that she is nature and not apart from it. As the trees are supported to grow fully and robustly, she too will be supported in all her heart’s natural desires to manifest a glorious and fulfilling life. The Empress is grounded in the present plane and simultaneously has access to all other realms to draw inspiration from. She is traveling from her third eye, feeling and seeing through her true vision, how vibration travels through all planes to create in every moment. The Empress knows that the seeds of creation within her have been nurtured deeply through the infinite vibration of her soul, traveling throughout and beyond time. The Empress does not maneuver out of her natural gifts to fit in with the general public.

The Empress fully allows Magick to flow through her veins, never hiding who she is.

The Empress is the mother, the moon, the cycles of light and dark, and the transitions of life and death. The moon opens when you share your presence with her. She drinks you in, allowing you to merge within her. Her femininity wraps you in a purple velvet cloak and embraces you, encouraging you to deeply follow the longings of your heart. The essence of your miraculous nature proves that anything you wish to create is possible. Witness the power of your attention and how the fruits of your work bloom from those tiny seeds you once planted. Each time you honor your process, your cycles, your natural ebbs and flows, you remain in the harmony of the All.

The Empress is you, as the cosmic splendor shines with pink and purple hues of your vibrant crystallization- the Earth Mother.

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