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4. The Emperor

The Emperor card is depicted by an evergreen tree- tall, healthy, strong, and deeply rooted in the ground. Standing majestic against a pure white background, the sun emits a concentrated energy of light. He is a stable force that has grown in wisdom through the multitude of diverse experiences on his journey. The Emperor is ruled by Aries fire and represents the masculine energy force. Representing strong will, determined action through focus, and an independent and intelligent nature, the Emperor has a robust passion for life and an affinity for pleasant and beautiful experiences. He holds a deep appreciation for the many offerings life brings. He is open to expansion and greater understanding. He sees all things as continuous opportunities to walk through the chosen doors presented, furthering his development and growth of Spirit.

The Emperor extends his wisdom to those who come to him- so they may also move in the truth of being. He shares from the culmination of his own wisdom in this life and the lives he has taken on before. The Emperor knows each being has a gift that shall not die within them and that these gifts are the doorways into higher realms of vibration. He is grounded, stable, confident, and wise- with unshakeable energy, that is constantly breaking through energetic barriers, that keep him spiraling upward. The Emperor reminds others of their own power and guides them to find the answers within themselves.

As you clarify what your heart desires to bring forth in the physical realm, and invest your energy and full focus in that direction, you will live in the fully manifested reality of that dream and become a master of vibrational and action oriented success. Through your heightened vibration and action, you inspire others to focus awareness on their own dreams. For you know it takes vigilant work to make those dreams real. Through guiding them to understanding the inner working of the subtle energetic bodies that move through each one, you guide them from the inner temple into outward manifestation.

As you combine all resources and tools to create the timeline you wish to materialize, you encourage other beings by instilling upon them the knowledge that they too have all the tools needed to express the divinity within. Those who come into your field will leave knowing they can accomplish The Great Work they came here to do. The Emperor is living proof that anything dreamt can be made real.

The Emperor’s vibrational mental clarity creates a new pathway of awareness that shifts the vibrational field into a crystalline frequency of the highest possible outcome. As space is made for real, tangible creations, it becomes easier to materialize what is wanted. Everything is possible. By focussing your cultivated and ever upward spiraling vibration on a specific area of life, that area will grow equal to the amount of energy you invest, yielding the highest manifestation possible.

What dreams are calling to emerge? There is an opportunity now to drink up the energy of The Emperor and know that you can create anything in the correct vibration of your highest alignment. As you begin to see the fruits of your actions, you easily abandon that which doesn’t serve your highest good. Sink deep roots only into that which honors the soul path, relying on the inner temple for guidance.

This internal stability with your connection to Divine Source allows unlimited light frequency to move in harmony with your highest receptivity.

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