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15. The Devil

The Devil comes when you are not seeing from a broader perspective. There are aspects of your being that wish to be looked at with more attention such as negative habits with body: neglecting self care, exercise, food, drugs; the mind: negative thought patterns, inner dialogue, written word, speech; Spirit: not abiding in the inner temple, and not honoring your soul calling. The Devil is pointing to aspects of you that want to run away from what is presently showing up in your experience. Are there truly binds where you think they are?

The Devil card wants you to acknowledge deep pain and be present with what is. Allow deep subconscious rooted pain or trauma to be seen and held in order to be healed and transmuted into light. This card is an omen- a warning to pay attention, to be present, and acknowledge the truth of what is being experienced. Everything can be looked at in a higher light if you choose to see what the underlying message is.

There are big changes occurring that are leading you to a vibrant and joyful life. You cannot cut off aspects of yourself. You must dive deeply into the abyss and create space for the subconscious to rise into the conscious, and show you what desires to be held in loving space. The light of our being gives us the ability to shine the light of our awareness into the dark spaces that need attention and love. Do not only accept fragmented versions of the totality. By addressing leaks in your field, you can bring alchemical magick to transmute these energies. As you open to hold space for dark aspects, allow the light of awareness to awaken and free the dormant spaces within. The Devil card comes as a reminder to wake up and expand into your greatness.

You must take full responsibility for your creations.

Notice your inner vibratory space and how it reflects around you. How do you feel and what is the quality of your life? Break the old cycles and step into the new. All energies that are lower vibrations can be broken away from as you discover their presence. See, feel, and release them. The Devil card is depicted by a smirking goat lit on fire. This symbolizes that this darkness can consume us and grow stronger if we ignore it. The power of your own awareness can release the bondage that is keeping you imprisoned and small.

Where is self deception present? What needs to be acknowledged in your relationships with yourself, others and all of life? There is nothing that can bind you without your consent. You are making contracts with yourself and life in each and every moment. You have the ability to stop feeding the very demons which are draining your spirit. Stop allowing them to rule your kingdom. Now is the time to see what veils your true sight and place a bomb on the throne of victimhood. This is a time to step up beyond limitation and allow yourself to shine through limiting thoughts, beliefs, habits, and experiences. This is your time for deep expansion and immense growth. See this as an opportunity for you to rise above mundane and toxic materiality and enter into the pearl and turquoise gates of your divine nature.

The bleakest nights of unraveling will invite life altering changes to begin anew. Each authentic movement of your being cleanses the muddy waters of sloth and decay. Your lotus grows untouched and purified, through the death of an old energetic version of you. Shift your perspective to bring you to a higher space of opulent divine lumerian seeing. As you cut the cord of negative thought patterns and beliefs, victimhood will be transmuted into empowered action. Let empowered action take the driver’s seat as illusions melt into the ethers, transmuted into alchemical gold.

Obliterate the old ways of thinking for the new. Allow thriving life to be birthed. Death or freedom are in your hands. Merge as light. If you choose not to look at shadow aspects of self, you will be forced to. Embody the alchemist that you are, and choose to look now.

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