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Daughter of Cups

The Daughter of Cups card depicts a baby swan, sitting on the water with a soft presence. The water has horizontal lines expanding into infinity. The only colors present are the swans reflection, that radiates a rainbow of colors beneath her. This is a time of new beginnings, creative endeavours, and when the spirit of inspiration guides you. Move in the direction that is in alignment with what your heart desires. Daughter of Cups speaks to trust your intuitive nature and the subconscious messages that are depicted in the reflection of the water.

You will know what to do when you take the time to listen.

Follow and trust your guidance. Become intimately familiar with the subtle vibrations that breathe the same breath as all of creation. This is the space where all is taken care of and all is revealed.

Trust your creative inclinations and explore them. Deepen your trust and it will anchor within your field. The baby swan is radiating a beautiful rainbow reflection, showing you, intuitively, your guidance and gifts are rising from within you and into life. The only way you can express this part of your authentic nature is if you take a step forward into what emanates joy from your being. The card depicts water that is serene. Water is a symbol of the unconscious. What is beneath the surface that is ready to be seen? The water here is still, calm, and peaceful, with a reflection alerting a message from the subconscious. As you tune in to receive messages and connect to Source, still the waters of the mind for the messages to arise. Creative outpour comes from clarity and stillness.

As you pay attention and are fully present with yourself, you will feel life- force filling your body. This same life-force that inspires and naturally guides you will be shared with all of life when abiding fully in the present moment.

When you are young, you are open to the world and infinite possibilities. Your Spirit is not yet contaminated and full of familial, social, and cultural conditioning. This card is an invitation to step into a childlike freedom.

There is no restriction in this creature. Move with inspiration, full of life, energy, vibrancy, creativity, and openness in the world. Move through this life in any direction you feel intuitively drawn to. This is a time to start over and choose the life specifically aligned with your light.

You were born to follow your heart and intuition. If you experience pain, this is a signal for you to question what you believe to be true.

It is up to you to choose and follow what you know in your heart of hearts. Be true and show up in full embodiment of Spirit. Learn from your experiences and move forward in childlike wonder. Be like a child, in awe of this life and what you can create.

Through love and beauty you will live in the Spirit of Truth.

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  • Surya says:

    Beautiful interpretation. And I love your photo of your space that radiates with sunlight. Thank you.

    • MiraSol says:

      Glad to know you are enjoying. Yes this photo was taken in a lovely place I was graced to stay in Sweden. Absolute gift to stay in Stockholm and explore!