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7. The Chariot

The luminous, white horse has a direct gaze with full focused and fiery attention, with a crescent moon on the third eye, pentacle around his neck, the sun beaming in the background, and four corners of red, representing the fire of the wild and magickal adventure ahead. The horse is a wild and free creature, intuitive and strong willed. The white horse signifies what feels good from a profoundly connected and intuitive source of wisdom. He moves with full power ahead from this space. The crescent moon on the forehead is showing the strength of following intuition and connecting with this guide, through all phases of darkness and light. He surrenders to the wild unknown in full trust that guidance is always available. The Chariot is only lead by this most intimate and natural guide within. By way of surrender to the intuitive movement, you can continually expand into the light.

The white horse is a lightning bolt reminder to take the leap and go for your most intimate and wildest dreams. All the elements and cosmic forces are supportive of this outpouring energy. The doors will open as alignment refines itself from within. We are free to move in this life in a way that corresponds with our intuitive nature, and as we allow this we begin to see the fruits of trust become juicier than ever. Sometimes we may leave an old life to honor the genuine knowing of our next cycle. This leap of knowing and faith can be terrifying, but what is more terrifying? Surely, delaying our own Wild Dreams.

The Chariot knows it is imperative to take action now while the gates are open. When you give yourself full permission to do what is right, directed from your own well of wisdom, you will develop unshakeable strength. The Chariot is the energy that will always rise and forge a unique and authentic path with a renewed strength and deep wisdom.

The pentacle around the neck of the Chariot is a symbol of wealth and prosperity on all levels of being. The Chariot knows that now is the time and to never delay that which you love. Discover how supported you are when you abide fully with what is true to your heart and the most miraculous and otherworldly miracles will open. What is wild and free evokes your own expression of meaning and freedom within life. Intuition is the guide which draws from astral light to reveal the open gates of other worldly possibility. It is the mystery of this guidance system that leads you away from fear and into the heart center of all galaxies. Whether you choose to delay or not, the fire will continue to grow inside.

Choose to accept your own power. Let the fire will blaze wildly.

The Chariot requires boldness. Be brave and fully celebrate what makes you happy and live in the space of regal inner abundance. Trust your own inner guide over the opinions of others. Stand on your own two feet, and rise in love and courage. Have faith in your adventure, and see the blessed and miraculous way your experiences have guided and continue to guide you. When fear drops away, your magick is unstoppable.

As you walk, the flowers bloom beneath your golden feet. When you cry, your tears refresh all that no longer serves you. You begin to dance in life with grace through all experiences that arise before you. There is not one “big thing” that you need to wait for. The big thing is happening now.

Trust fully and ride fiercely through the galaxy.

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