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Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands is almost completely dark with hardly any light shining through. Where once there was momentum moving towards a goal, this is a time where one has slowed down and is feeling the burden of their own creation. This is right about the time where pushing through is most necessary. You are feeling the fatigue and burden of the movement, but you are not convinced enough to stop the process of creation. There has been a lot of high energy, enthusiasm, and vibrant activity that is now burning out. This can be looked at as a death of the original idea or plan. This can also be seen as a positive relief for a more authentic vision to rise. Let the dead dread fall and move forward with what you truly desire. When you begin to work from a neutral space rather than one of high energy, obstacles easily dissipate. There is more room for creating long term visions.

Rather than worrying about the lack of enthusiasm that was once present, you can be excited that the initial phase of short winded enthusiasm has fizzled out. You can work and move on your dream from a sustainable space within. The invitation from the Ten of Wands is to not give in to weariness now. Know that you can continue toward your vision from an equanimous space that is connected to Source. Although the high vibe excited energy can feel as though it can take on anything, It is not the short bursts of energy that sustain a real vision or goal over extended periods of time. It is the initial spark of an idea that contains this excitement, but what will actually sustain your dreams over a long period of time is your sustainable energy.

The positive aspects of this perceived ominous card is that you are in a completion cycle. There has been much preparation and building, already invested into the direction you are moving. Know that you are well underway to completing what you have started, but you must take a rest and continue one step at a time. Your energy now must be directed towards self care. When you feel stronger and full again, you may continue towards your creations. Everything else that you must do, or think you must do, is not as important as the main aspect of your vision you wish to see take form. If less important aspects of your goals are your first priority, this will slow down your momentum.

The invitation is to set some wands down and focus on one that you will put your attention to each day. What is of lesser importance can be completed in their own natural time. Move at your own pace and direct your focus on what is of highest importance. As you reclaim your energy out of all the little tasks, you will bring life back to yourself. You are restoring your energy and learning what is excess and burdensome and where your soul is calling you to thrive. Focus on the fun, creative, juicy vision that calls you.

It is the joy of this work that brings your creative life to full form.

What energy is being invested into this space of creation? Play is not separate from visions and goals. There are infinite sources of inspiration that are equally as valuable to a project as working on the project itself. Inspiration comes from spaces that are unexpected. You may find that as you allow yourself to play and move, you will reignite a creative fire. Living an inspired life and being inspired by everything will add tremendous value to what wishes to manifest through your unique being.

Enjoy the power of play. Watch yourself transform.

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