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Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords represents the embodiment of victimhood and its great release. Victimhood is a trap of the mind, which keeps you in a lower vibrational state of being. This masks the true brilliance of the ever present majestic life. A sword brutally pierces through the hollow eyes of the bull. Nine more swords pierce his body, and he falls into darkness. Just above him there, is light emerging. It reveals that as the mask of victimhood is seen through, the light breaks in, revealing the illusions that were being played. However dark this card may appear, you must go through various stages of darkness to elevate yourself to higher levels of awareness. Do not be afraid to inquire into these spaces. Being able to hold darkness within your hand is far greater than avoiding it. As you contemplate victimhood, you can see how this pain has been an energetic self stabbing. As the swords of pain were created, they can also be removed and completely heal.

When you come out of victimization, you gain immense wisdom for yourself and others through your experience. This victimhood is a painful blessing. Through it, you will see there is no where to go or escape to. it is time to wake up and rise again. Victimhood is not a path you will recreate after you wake up to the damage it causes. As you walk through, you will gain the knowledge to continue on a lighter path. When you realize that self created pain comes from within you, you gain the power to transform your life. This is where blame dissipates and true freedom is found.

Life itself is miraculous even in dark states. This is part of the great balance of duality we find ourselves in. You are learning how the entire spectrum of light and dark is aiding the evolution of humanity. Ten of Swords asks you to look at your state of being and see if you are in your power, or are you accepting defeat? These thoughts of self defeat and victimhood are the snakes of the mind. Do not stay in the field of separation. Be in your original state of oneness. All which you see “out there” will always be what is seen “in here.” When we truly see, there is no separation of outside and inside, we begin to move in our original light of wholeness. This card appears like rock bottom. But it is the end of victimization and blame on others. A new bright path of beauty and creative life force is here now. You are seeing through the madness and abiding as Pure Awareness.

The death of victimhood brings immense space in you. The allowing of your spontaneous and joyous expression is playing as a child. Do what ignites your royal inner sanctum. In the divine perfection it is the perfect play for you to rise again in beauty. Feel unbound and free in this creative and abundant kingdom.

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  • Zena says:

    I have this Wild Unknown deck & there was a stage when this card came up for me a few times consecutively. As you wrote it has such a disturbing image that I didn’t really know how to take it! Your words on it made it all make sense. Loving all of your deep delving, enigmatic interpretations. Awesome & extremely soulful…Thank you..x

    • MiraSol says:

      Hi Zena 🙂 Yes the a few cards can appear disturbing and we don’t know what to do with it! I felt the same when I first received the deck. I feel all the seemingly dark and depressing cards are in fact the most beautiful destruction taking place in our lives for more beauty to be recognized and seen within ourselves. It is when the most real and drastic changes happen even though it may seem like complete chaos. I’m happy you found what you needed, it is a joy to write the interpretations. Love to you sis…. xoxo

  • Maz says:

    This is so relevant to me right now…. Thank you xx