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Ten of Pentacles

Nine Pentacles are arranged in the shape of a diamond, with one more pentacle almost invisible in the very center. This hidden pentacle is emanating rainbow colored and vibrant energy through infinite and expanding circles, resembling Source energy and the power of infinite beauty and threads of light, that open by inner sight and vision. The Diamond is symbolic of wealth and abundance. It is an emitter of energy translating to one who is full to the point of overflowing radiance on the material plane. You are bursting with life force and have a tremendous amount to give.

Pentacles associate with the outside reflection of consciousness in our physical reality. They reflect finances, work, health and creativity. If in this moment, you do not see how abundant these areas are in your life, there will be a major shift in a positive direction to your unique soul path. Completion of an exciting project, a happy home environment, prosperous finances, and overall major improvements in your physical reality will match your ideal vision of your dream life.

You have been moving in the right direction. Now there is a clear, expansive vision of how this consistency, passion, and energy, has all been focused in a way that is aligning a path with what you would like to express and see in your life. You are not bound by a victim role. You are an active participant in life and are seeing the fruits of your love and labor. Because you have moved through many lessons swiftly, many doors of completion have been closed. New opportunities are finding their way to you. It is the magnet of your current field, that is drawing in more than you can possibly imagine.

You can feel it. Realize the limitless light of infinite potential that is pouring directly into your field for an abundant, joyful, rich, sensual, and fairytale life.

Keep moving towards that which excites you, to keep the fires of passion burning. The magick that allows you to create a unique and soulful path that feels entirely natural to you is why you are creating such abundance. Ten of Pentacles confirms you have not been ignoring your path. You have been paying attention fully and following your internal compass. You have been heavily tested along the way to see how strong your faith is. You have come all the way through and you are still moving in the direction your heart leads.

All of the seeds that you have been planting and nurturing are now showing that you are on the correct path. Ten of Pentacles is showing how consistent, long term investment of your energy with goals, projects, business, and health, have all been worth your love and energy.

Now celebrate the overflowing fountain of citrine abundance. Dance in the glorious and unending exploration of creativity and beauty.

Living from your Will,

Yours is the Victorious Life.

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