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Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups reveals the embodiment of abundant energy exuding from your vibration. This is the fruit of your labors. This card represents the fulfillment and deep gratitude for life that has completely shifted your experience to the highest vibrational alignment in every breath you take. When you move with this wholeness, an ease and grace nourish and bless the entirety of your life. This energy ripples out into the collective. This presence of wholeness is what heals yourself and purifies the world. This inner-standing needs nothing from the world to be fully in this light. Ten of Cups emits a rainbow light stream that gives and receives equally. Great peace arises as you continue opening and receiving the light from Source.

There is a deep intuition that is naturally aligned with the greatest good. Any action from this space that occurs from the purity of your direct alignment is the will of the Divine. You are simply moving with intuition, and all things are miraculously opening up to you. Your heart is expanding wide and the universe is matching this trust. This is a period of divine expansion. You have released ideas of future and past, and there is no longer anything to cling to. Life has stripped away all that doesn’t serve and there is a deep surrendering to the ever unfolding luminous and expanding light. As all the illusions crumble, you witness the walls built out of lack of trust and fear, were part of the illumination for the miracle to reveal its rainbow light. As this miraculous and divine energy shatter all illusions, your real life appears.

Now the flowers are blooming under your feet and you are hearing the messages from the universe that were previously missed. This is a time of pure wonderment, as you embrace the ethereal majesty of the unknown. The vibration that is in your heart is now is full. You are empty of previous illusions that weighed you down. Now you move with a clean heart and a willingness to be open- to receive and move fully in your light. When you see you are the wild unknown itself, you can trust in not knowing. Trust in the unfoldment of the moment, this is where miracles unfold in majesty.

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  • Marco Trujillo says:

    Once again You Express Divinely what Resonates True in my Being(ness) – With Serendipity Power – Magic & Enlightening Wisdom – Divine Soul Sharings. Thank You🙏🔥

    • Samira says:

      Hello Marco! My heart beams with gratitude to know the resonance and serendipity shared here! Blessings your way dear brother. May your Ten of Cups overflow through your Spirit in all that you are and your work here in this majestic universe <3