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14. Temperance

Temperance is moderation in vibration, feeling, thought, or action.

The Temperance card depicts a heron with one wing extended out. Water droplets fall from her, merging with the fire below. The water does not extinguish the fire, as these elements are in perfect harmony with each other. The background of the card has black and white horizontal stripes, symbolizing a grounded and balanced energy. You have discovered a newfound balance in life that is more sustainable for your growth than the previous extreme polarities. The Temperance card is in Sagittarius, a teacher of truth, passion, patience, and all that is beautiful.

There were aspects of your being that were saturated with too much water or fire energy. Temperance is coming into perfectly balanced alignment with soul work, creativity, self-care, family, social, and professional life. There is ease and harmony day to day. At this time, you have already found this balance, or are discovering how to create this space within your life. Previously you had no idea how this was possible, but now you are understanding the balance of elements to develop roots. As you release what is not in alignment with the heart, life responds by celebrating your wisdom. Be fully immersed in truth. This is where magick grows. When you are following the laws of the universe, life responds to what is held within your moment to moment vibration.

Throughout this period of learning, consciously balance the elements and forces from subtle to physical planes. When Temperance is present, there are no extreme ways of being. Consistent growth and change, with commitment to your real work, is cultivating a space of health and vitality. You are now walking gracefully, with vigilance on your path. Through balance, you open the universal doorways that were once hidden. As you gain more momentum, clarity and confidence are your offerings and reward. Now you can continue your work at the pace that feels natural. Your vision will now come to full fruition through your reception to magick, vibration, voice, vision, and aligned action.

Your life experience, creative expression, and energized work are connecting the dots naturally. Your golden peace is now reflected in all you create. The love energy that moves through your creations is the direct energy of Source moving through you. Allow all to evolve in harmony with your frequency. Create and focus your energy exactly the way you want to live your life. Choose love. Choose the highest vibration. Remember: As Above, So Below.

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