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11. Strength

A lioness holds a rose gently in her mouth. On her forehead is an infinity symbol and a golden energy of warm solar rays surrounding her crown. She reminds you to draw on your inner strength to navigate you through the darkest waters and turn them crystal clear, with gentleness and love. Your true strength emerges when you are bone to bone with the dark shadow. Strength is the embodiment of an unwavering power that moves through all obstacles with patience and calmness. It has the ability to soothe the most ferocious waters. Your spirit is powerful and can overcome all obstacles when drawing on the ever present abundance of light, which is available in every moment. A deep maturity has been cultivated within your life in order for this subtle, yet tremendous power to be present. This strength is not always visible to the outer world. Spirit shows itself in many forms. Some you do not always recognize. Strength is not always loud. Strength can be a quiet current with immense power underlying its purpose and movement.

As you bring golden hearted compassion to move through obstacles that arise, you will find a natural grace as you carve your path. Face all experiences with a compassionate heart. Moving from this space, you will move mountains. Meeting a situation with an overly emotional state will cause unnecessary pain. True strength is holding space for yourself and others when going through deep transformations. Speak with full heart through sensitive situations. That way, you can create a safe and loving environment for yourself and others, which allows trust to grow. Allow that which needs love to rise and be tended to. Let the rose garden grow.

As you have been learning through experience on your inner journey, you have developed a deep core strength abiding in full heart. You no longer feed negative emotions that arise. You have discovered that you always have a choice of what you can allow into your sacred temple. In every aspect of your being, mind, body, and spirit, you see how connected everything is and how true strength is discovered when you are open to be filled with divine light. The light of Spirit is always available. As you continue to open, you receive the full power that is here. The Lioness does not wait for anything to happen to her. She sees all the tools she needs are within. She moves from this space of fullness. This allows her to be free from victimhood. Her strength is shining within her temple.

As you grow in this strength, you abide in the realm of complete harmony with all of life. You persevere through obstacles with great ease. The Strength card may also come at a time when you or someone around you is in conflict. If it is another going through a trial, this calls for an unwavering patience, creating trust and support between you both. This is a reminder to draw on your internal resources that have deepened in maturity over time. Take responsibility for all creations that have bloomed and died around you.

Everything you see is your creation.

You can only show up for yourself and others with the capacity and depth you have reached within. Life will always be pushing this threshold to expand you into further discovery. You can only go so far to reach out to another. They must be open and willing to meet themselves for true change to occur. We are all unique and are learning different lessons at different times. Cycling like our mother moon, we cannot force each other to learn or see. But we can meet ourselves and one another in love for the highest unfolding to occur. These things can only take place by individual experience through an openness to discover that there is so much more than what meets the outer eyes.

Focus on the inner eye to be the guide.

The Strength card requires a delicate balance within yourself and your environment. Move in a way that empowers life to bloom. Use your strength wisely. Use it out of compassion and pure love.

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