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Son of Wands

Son of Wands depicts a snake wrapping itself around a wand that is elevated with abounding power. Bursting from the top of his wand are lines emanating from a central point and expand out in all directions, full of potential energy. Son of Wands exudes a regal feeling of confidence, strength, and pulsating power. Pursuit of an idea is culminating into fruition. This card depicts that nothing will impede his endeavor. There is an exciting passion burning inside him. Now is the time to bring form and draw spirit into the physical realm.

Son of Wands depicts the aspect of you with aligned and highly ambitious energy. As you work each day, you are fulfilling the visions of fire and earth to existence. The snake is wrapped around the wand, protecting this vision, and releasing all not serving his path. The snake protects his endeavour from all those who try and deter him. He knows the vision must emerge to complete this cycle of energies, birthing his next cycle. The Son of Wands card is authentic and clear expression.

Your devotional dedication in expressing your divine gifts and creations into the physical world will deepen your trust and power. This will cause dormant aspects of your being to awaken. Beings may question and test your strength and commitment to your path. This will only strengthen your love for Truth, as you continue moving with vibrant grace and dance your dream. There are high frequencies of enthusiasm now and momentum is propelling you to take the right actions on your projects and work. As you hold your focused vision, it is important to stay open to the magick and mystery of other portals opening for you. Open for light to flow in, creating space for opportunities and connections, to cultivate your work as you expand far beyond what you can currently conceive.

From the outsiders viewpoint, the Son of Wands’ life appears confident and simultaneously reckless as he pursues his dreams. This is only because the snake moves forward so swiftly and at times abruptly. He purely moves in direct alignment with his will. As you experience this rise in fiery energy, this power takes on its own life through the creation process. This time will bring life changes that are quickly rearranging everything to bring you to the highest energetic frequency, facilitating the growth of your next cycle. Allow all unnecessary energies to be shaken off, as you get catapulted into the next octave. 

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