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Son of Swords

Son of Swords has tremendous focus and determination for what his soul desires to manifest. Some will view him as obsessed or overly ambitious. Son of Swords sees his movements as a fulfilling way to see his visions come to full completion. He is flying on his sword fiercely, with intense power, in one direction only. He is not on the fence about his quest, but completely throwing himself in without fear. He sees only one vision, and all his energy is going toward it. There are those in his life who will disagree with this seemingly single minded way of moving. This does not sway his temperament or dedication to his goal. He continues moving with continuously elevated momentum.

There are risks and challenges which will show up along his journey. The Son of Swords attitude is to cross those bridges when he arrives there. He does not see dangerous territory, as he only sees the way he needs to move in his freedom. He is not fearful of what may or may not come. Son of Swords is dedicated to his vision, but has released expectations of result, which frees him to full divine flow. There is a pure creative force driving the Son of Swords. As he surrenders to the force, he is propelled in direct union with the movement of the cosmos.

The focus of where you have placed attention will be successful when you release how things will look at completion. Leave the portals open for the magick of wonderment and surprise. There may be challenging learning experiences because of the nature of bold movements. But remember, fortune favors the bold. In one way, it speeds up your learning curve because of constant challenges that arise. These challenges move you quickly and stretch your being to ultimate capacity. As you abide in your wild energy, instead of remaining safe or comfortable, you will shift timelines immediately into a higher vibrational world.

Move fiercely, with determined and excited power, but do not rush. Keep the quality of each moment of creation. Do not be fixed on the end goal, but see each moment as the most important moment, while moving toward the bigger picture.

Allow the momentum to naturally propel you into the direction you wish to move, while being fully immersed in the moment. All tools, resources, and experience are here with you now. You will work with the highest guides and have the materials you need. When you move with love, this will be reflected in your work. If the end is more important than now, this will be detrimental to this sharp and present focus the Son Swords energy contains.

Fully be in each moment and allow your creativity to seep out of your pores like liquid light magick. As you move in this way, you will not fuel your goal with nervous energy, but energy that is whole and stable. Your momentum is strong. Allow it to flow unforced.

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