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Son of Pentacles

Son of Pentacles is gazing down, with one pointed focus. Where his attention is present there is light. The rest of the card is in darkness. He reminds you where you place your attention is where you will expand the greatest. The present focus is on his work, where is putting every ounce of his sweet attention. Above him is the crescent moon and pentacle. He is led by his intuition, which is grounded in the earthly realm. Through experience his intuition has become refined and trustworthy. At this time his attention is in the details of his work. Son of Pentacles is grounded in his being and he moves from the unwavering space within him. This does not lead him astray. The Son of Pentacles is a maturing energy which takes the exciting energy of an initial vision and puts it into practical action in order for the vision to fully manifest.

Daily action will lead to great success. The Son of Pentacles is chosen when you are bringing forth tangible results. This is the time to allow yourself to be fully involved in creation. The seeds have already been planted, watered, and now they are ready to bloom beneath your golden stride. Keep tending this garden and hold your focus. Every action taken now is utilized to the highest capacity. Continue to move in the direction that feels in full alignment. This will feel clear, light, and open. Because your vision moves from this clarity, it is bound to do well with your action and energy toward it.

Moving with the wholeness of your being, combined with committed action, will bring forth your abundant bounty.

The Son of Pentacles is not going fast, but moves slowly and attentively. The details are much more important than speed. Allow your natural timing to be unhindered. With this way of moving, there will be genuine and aligned action, moment by moment. Your creations will speak for you and inspire those who resonate deeply with your work. This will create a ripple effect of great expansion and growth for many. Your work will empower others to move into direct alignment with their Divine Will.

Son of Pentacles is building a foundation. The capacity may not be understood fully yet, but it is being nurtured, cultivated, and created each and every day. Son of Pentacles is moved by the moon, his intuition, and honors this space within him and in others. Because he moves in this way, the foundation he is creating cannot fail. This foundation has been built from Pure Spirit, and not from the outcome of the material realm. His strength has been gained from his peace within, which is now beginning to create a world and vision which can expand into the world. He is rooted and resilient. Through his experiences thus far, he has insight and wisdom to share that can be useful to others. This experience and insight will have great value on the project he is working on. All dots are connecting, and he has no doubt how he is moving.

He simply knows his will, and does the work.

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  • What about the reversed interpretation of this deck?

    • MiraSol says:

      Reversals will be coming. Takes time because I write very organically, reversals are the next phase. They will be posted on the same blog post underneath the upright position. Are you specifically wanting a reversal interpretation for Son of Pentacles? If so, let me know and I will do this one first. Love and magic your way <3

  • This card is coming up all the time! (Literally, every time I touch the deck this appears.) Thank you for such a detailed interpretation – I’m very new to the cards and this was a huge help.