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Son of Cups

The Son of Cups possesses a depth of darkness and light woven into his character. There is an energetic movement drawing him in a continuous upward expansion. He is undergoing a change into a new chapter in life. This new direction is growing from what he has learned through his current experiences. It is a new direction that comes from what he has witnessed and experienced through his journey of light and dark. This new movement comes from wisdom that has unraveled over the course of his culmination of experiences. There is tremendous growth and depth from this time-travelling soul, but he is not yet at the peak of maturity. The Son of Cups is shedding immense energy of what no longer serves, and he is highly sensitive to what does. So much so, that circumstances are rapidly changing to match the depth of what he is internally discovering. His awareness is elevating.

Cups are linked with love and relationships, connections, and the emotional body. The cup in front of the swan is a combination of dark and light emotions at play. There is a tremendous amount of heavy and light emotional energy bursting from his cup. The Son at this time has the maturity to keep moving forward with grace. The Son of Cups is using this energy, brewing within, for creative thinking and momentum forward. The darkness in his cup will allow him to understand the experiences and situations of others. He will use this understanding to assist the collective and uplift them. As you utilize the depth of dark and light within, and harness them, you will discover how to make the most of your dark and light aspects in constructive and creative ways. How you perceive the dark and light will determine if they will be used constructively or not. There is a yin and yang energy of balance present. As you continue your journey, you will find a better balance of intuition, logic, as well as dark and light aspects, to work in harmony for your highest elevation.

The Son of Cups’ emotions are concentrated within. This energy is the center of focus right now. You are moving from the inside to out. As you move into an introspective time, you give full permission to feel the depth and wide spectrum of emotions. Looking at triggers and paying attention to what feels healthy and what feels toxic, you are discovering illusions that have been deeply rooted and are releasing them. These are subtle shifts, but as each is felt and released, tremendous love energy permeates your being. Allow grace to care for the changes as you place attention within for healing. Check in by seeing how your inner and outer life is manifesting.

As your inner sanctum and practical life co-create a balance, you will grow in strength. As you connect more deeply with your naturalness, all of these things begin to make sense and fall into aligned order.

This is a time to investigate your how you genuinely feel. How do you care for yourself? The Son of Cups calls for balance, and inviting sensitivity and compassion toward yourself and others. The dark and light being discovered are to be seen in a positive regard when you become honest and transparent with yourself.

Take right action through your will.

With right action, you will be guided in a direction that is in alignment with the highest good for the All. Move forward into unknown realms of Magick.

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