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Six of Wands

Six of Wands reveals a butterfly flying in a pure, white sky. Below the butterfly there are mangled wands, engulfed in darkness and chaos. This time is one of great transformation. Creatively, you feel inspired in all aspects of your being- you are light and free. You are embracing expansiveness and rising to great heights without hesitation. You are now seeing through this veil and your third eye is opening.

You are transforming into your new light body.

The butterfly is a symbol of this transformation. She shows you the limitless freedom that you naturally are. Instead of forcing your way through this life, you are moving in integrity and authenticity. When you discover this naturalness of yourself, you move in harmony and grace filled waters. You are living simply- enjoying and allowing life to fully move through you as divinity. You do not feel a separation from the whole and you are experiencing yourself empty of false ideas and concepts. This leaves you feeling spacious inside with no concern for what will be. You see everything you ever wanted or pined for has always been present within. The Great Mystery has taken over what was once you. You are now in direct alignment with your will, which is far beyond what you knew to be possible.

You now see how all elements have been assisting you to embrace the mystery you are. Your experiences have pushed you to let go of your concern for what the future will hold. You now see that you have always been guided in the most profound way, moment to moment, along the Path of Liberation. Six of Wands is flying victoriously with full Grace. Now you see that your movements and actions are the most natural when you are not forcing your way through life. Allow inner guidance to be your light. There is full trust and support for you when you are living and abiding by the natural laws of the universe.

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  • Mina A says:

    Thanks so much you are a wonderful writer !! just purchase this tarot and got it in the mail today. I didn’t understand anything abut the cards. I searched through google and found your blog. I guess after reading your blog I will keep the cards.

    • Samira says:

      Hello Mina, I am happy that you got The Wild Unknown Deck for yourself and have also found my writings on the tarot! You can find me on Instagram too, the name is @raising_windhorse. There I will post updates about what I’m working on. At the moment I am working on editing the entire tarot blog and I’ll be updating it for all of the readers very soon. I am also compiling all of the writings of the tarot into a book that will be published very soon on Amazon! Happy we have crossed paths!