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Six of Swords

In darkness, six swords are jumbled together. Above the darkness, is a beautiful rainbow and pure light above. Daunting and bright simultaneously, the Six of Swords is revealing that times have been challenging, but a tremendous insight has been learned to navigate in a new way, as the light of your unfolding self. The trauma and pain experienced has led to a clearer sight of the direction to move in, but there is some healing to undergo as you move in a new direction. What experience is it time to move through, or move away from entirely? It may be a love relationship, a reoccurring self-sabotaging pattern, or anything that is causing disharmony within your present experience. See this experience as an opportunity for greater alignment. You may find a great ease and shift within the experience, or choose to completely leave the situation, moving into a new life. The clear path is before you as you know what you no longer want. You are moving onto the higher road.

The hardship that you have experienced may still be fresh inside your being. Even through the pain, the Six of Swords invites you to have trust, as you are always deeply cared for throughout the highs and lows with supportive energies around you. Trust deeply and move with what you know is healthy and true for your path. This is not a time to be influenced by others, but to take into account everything you have experienced and what you will and will no longer accept in your field. There are times when what you have experienced has been painful, but also necessary for your growth and understanding. Now you can take the highest road, that only your heart can know.

Choose to shift into love, wisdom, beauty, authenticity, and highest alignment Now. You have all the information needed to move forward to a new level of beauty in life. The use of intuition and logic are equally important as you move forward. There are times where you will have the answers immediately, knowing what to do. This will bring about swift and organic movements. If there has been unknown energy present, know that you are part of this great mystery. Trust the process of the known and unknown. Look at what has been in front of you and look at the direction you want to go. Trust fully, knowing this is what your spirit wants. If you have any doubt, know that heading in the direction of most intimate alignment with yourself is the only space you can take yourself. There will be great relief with forward movement. Trust in your ability to choose the right action for your spirit to blossom and expand. Trust the messages from spirit, through dreamtime, numbers, synchronicities, and visions. They are clear and will lead you on your unfolding path of light.

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