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Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles communicates through a pure white branch, bearing six fiery pentacles. After the darkness of the Five of Pentacles, your are now experiencing an opening within that is flourishing on material aspects of your life. This is expanding from a rootedness coming out of consistent self love and inner nourishing. This is a time where you are fruitful and prosperous materially. As you discover and craft your inner resources, you rise in financial independence. Whether the abundance is present now, or you are discovering and working toward financial freedom, you currently have all resources you need to be successful while you work to the beat of your own magickal drum.

Six of Pentacles is a great reflection that you have all the unique gifts you need that can be exchanged for financial sovereignty. Here you will find the love of joyful work, instead of resorting to mundane and painful jobs that deplete your spirit. This is a time when your gifts are being used fully, to receive financial exchange for your soul gifts you are bringing to the earth. What resources and gifts do you have that are only original to you? What ways would you enjoy giving value to others that allows you to receive financial exchange and full freedom in your life? The more you discover what your gifts are, the more genuinely you can trust yourself to give and receive. As joyful and dedicated energy is given to your work, you will be met in return with the same energy. Full abundance abounds.

Six of Pentacles says to jump fully into what you are doing with an open heart. In return, ask for the value you give to your work. Your time, skills, resources, and talents are of high value. They will continue to bloom as much as you cultivate energy towards them.

Six of Pentacles is about giving and receiving. If you find you are giving more in your work than you are receiving, ask why you are not receiving what you are so wholeheartedly giving? Ask if your being is present in the work you are committing to everyday. If you are not receiving monetarily the energy you are investing of yourself, you are not valuing yourself.

Be brave. Shift into something entirely new.

The Six of Pentacles is a successful omen to receive. If you decide to leave an work environment that is not giving you what you deeply desire, choose to move in your power and let go of that work. Start now and move in direct alignment and action with what you truly want. You cannot lie about feeling drained or uninspired. If this is how your are experiencing, you are not doing what is aligned with your true path.

Open your heart and discover the infinite hidden treasures waiting to be discovered and cultivated.

You are allowed to change direction and to do something that satisfies you. As you evolve into the richness of your being, your real work will continue unraveling each day. Evolve with your experience moment to moment. The invitation is to allow the true blooming of what inspires, excites, and expands you to become your daily work. Many people are shifting out of the corporate paradigm to discover what truly ignites them. Challenges that arise will stretch you in ways that will hone your craft even further and push you beyond current limitations. Be excited to extend yourself in this way. It will create ripples into the field that draw in people, experiences, and spiritual and material resources that you need for your craft to continue developing. Where you spend the majority of time each day is worth your highest consideration. Be open to the excited and blooming heart that is yours to explore and create with. You are free and open to move beyond safety and into freedom and full abundance.

Crystallize your dreams Now. Believe fully that your wildest dreams are possible to fully experience each and everyday.

As you continue to work on and expand your gifts, you will grow in confidence, trust, and you will know the value of your creations. Let each day grow with devotion, love, and complete alignment with your soul work. As your relationship with Spirit grows, you will continue your work in an effortless way. The blooming within you has been there since before your birth. This will continue to open as you respect and honor your unique path. It will also wither away and die off, decompose, and begin itself anew into a higher quality of creation. This is part of dying and rebirthing that is our natural expansion, as the ebbs and flows of creation. The natural essence of your being must go through the wide spectrum of light, dark, and grey to encompass the totality. The same will be reflected in your work. However, when it is your soul work there is a deeper devotion beyond highs and lows of creation.

As you empty yourself of expectation, outcome, and identification, your actions will become purified, your creations refined, and your moment to moment unfolding will be effortless.

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  • Jennifer says:

    Do you ever read this deck in reverse? If you do, can you give an example of how you do? I know the maker intended them to be read upright but just wondering your thoughts on it.

    • MiraSol says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I’m still learning reversals myself, tarot is a never ending process! My intention is to also add reversals this year to my website. For now my advice would be to research on google as much as you can different peoples interpretation on reversals. That will be a great tool to gain insight on cards you draw in the reversed position. Also, not everyone reads reversals, that part is entirely up to you. I do feel there is validity in reversals, I just haven’t gotten to the reversals write ups yet! Begin with researching as much as you can from online writeups and you will collect and gather information as you go.

  • meganminto says:

    Thank you. This message is well received today. ?