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Six of Cups

We are ancient, time-travelling souls. As the trees have deep root systems in the earth and branches growing into the heavens, we are the same in our connection to earth and sky. The height and depth of our being expand towards the sky and extend into the earth below. As we move through this life, we are discovering unexplainable mysteries and beauty. We are enriched through each experience. The trees roots represent ancient wisdom through every experience- through our ancestors, the collective, and every blooming consciousness. All that we have lived and witnessed is in our bloodstream, creating our unique pattern, and vibrating into the collective field. Our eye can continue to open to subtler realms, or we can go to sleep and close our eyes when challenges arise. The power is always with us to continue opening to life instead of closing. The invitation is to open your sensitivity, be vigilant, and to not fall asleep. Allow all that needs to arise within your experience and grow deeper roots as you travel the realms which call your spirit forth. All that we have lived does not need to make us shrivel away and die while we are alive. We are meant to be shaken up to the immense beauty and magick that is present. The divine perfection is ever permeating this fabric of existence.

Each being we meet has a root system with infinite stories from all lifetimes. Meet beings as the infinite divine and multidimensional beings they are. When you meet beings with no projections, all judgement vanishes. This leaves room for immense healing and discovery to take place. Our root systems have different stories that create the One movement. Through love, we have space for all stories to be held in the vastness of our being. If you can meet another in this way, there is tremendous power in this acceptance. Align with truth and create a light web that brings forth the next Aeon. Hold the light within the sacred inner sanctum of the One.

As your roots deeply grow into the earth, there is a connectedness to all of life that is felt within, now more potent than ever before. All experiences from past have merged with your present and future to allow your being to flow with great ease. Where once your root system was shallow and weak, you are now absorbed in the ancient wisdom of Spirit’s Grace. As deep reflection of life moves the unfolding of your story, you are able to travel to new heights as you develop deeper roots. These lessons will reveal themselves when you are ready to sink your roots deep into the earth and walk with the Spirit of the Trees.

The ancient wisdom of the earth, that moves from our being, has the capacity to be infinitely rooted deep into the earth and reach high into the sky simultaneously. You are able to be here on the planet and travel all realms of Spirit. As you travel through dreamtime, you may explore and discover, in dreams, as you do in through waking state. As our roots run deep, you open yourself to learn from all states and dimensions. You do not limit yourself to one way of thinking or being. Life will continue to remove blind folders as you move from the ancient and sacred wisdom that you have moved and travelled through for many lifetimes. This space defies all boundaries and definitions. As you learn to pull from the field around you, the ever present and brilliant light will lead you through this time-travelling journey.

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