Sign Paris Hilton’s Petition to shut down Provo Canyon School.

Provo Canyon School is abusing children on all levels you can possibly imagine. To read more and sign the petition click here to be part of the revolution of changing the lives of innocent children.

The first video below is a documentary into Paris Hiltons life, with a story that she wasn’t expecting to share about her childhood. Paris chose to go all in and expose the insanity of what she endured as a child. I hope that we can all learn from this experience and treat our children and care for them like the sacred jewels they are…I’m so proud of Paris for opening these doors for the truth to be seen and to stop this inhumane treatment of children.

The second video is when she testified in Utah Court in support of Senate Bill 127. This Bill has now been enforced because of Paris opening her story in order to protect children from cruel punishments and treatments and she is not stopping here. Paris is working towards more protections for children reaching the federal level.

I hope you take time to watch both videos. Sign the petition and take care of our children and protect them.

Sign The Petition Here.

Please share this petition to your social media contacts and everyone you know, together we RISE!